Release Update NB_NOM_6.5.6.tar provides fixes for Veritas NetBackup (tm) Operations Manager on Solaris Servers.

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Release Update NB_NOM_6.5.6.tar provides fixes for Veritas NetBackup (tm) Operations Manager on Solaris Servers.


NOM 6.5 Pack NB_NOM_6.5.6 README                                     May 4, 2010
SeqNumber: 20100504
This Release Update provides updates and fixes for Veritas NetBackup (tm)
Operations Manager (NOM) for UNIX servers.

For additional information about new platform proliferations, new features
associated with this release, end-of-life notifications, known issues, and
the current Release Update content, refer to the following TechNote on the
Symantec Support Web site:



    --  Installation of this Release Update requires version of the
        NB_update.install script.

    --  Install NB_CLT_6.5.6 prior to installing this Release Update.

    --  Check the compatibility matrices on the Support web site for operating
        system (OS) dependencies and support issues.


Before installing NOM, please review the following items:

  -  When installing a NetBackup Release Update, you must install the
     NOM 6.5 GA release before you install this Release Update.

  -  Symantec recommends that you install NOM on a dedicated server.
     Installation of NOM server software on the same server as NetBackup master
     or media server software is not recommended.

  -  NOM requires VxSSAT (Veritas Authentication Service) and PBX (Private
     Branch Exchange) to be installed prior to the installation of this
     Release Update.

  -  If you upgrade multiple NetBackup master servers to NetBackup 6.5.6,
     you should disable data collection for all master servers, then install
     NOM 6.5 GA, and then upgrade NetBackup and your NOM server to 6.5.6.
     After upgrading each master server, turn on data collection for that

  -  It may take a longer time than normal to install on the NOM server if
     Sybase Anywhere is also installed on NOM server. Please verify that the
     NOM server where you are trying to upgrade NOM does not have any instance
     of Sybase Anywhere installed.

To install the Release Update:

1) As root on the NetBackup for Operations Manager client, install the
  Release Update binaries as follows.

     cd /tmp
     /bin/sh NB_update.install

  The Release Update install logs can be found in /usr/openv/pack/pack.history
  after the installation is complete.

  NOTE:  When upgrading to this Release Update, Symantec recommends that you
         upgrade in the following sequence:

         1. Stop NetBackup and NOM services.
         2. Upgrade NOM to the NB_NOM_6.5.6.
         3. Restart the NetBackup and NOM services.

Note:  This will ONLY uninstall the Release Update from your local machine.

To Uninstall:
1)  Change directory to the Release Update save directory.  
   Substitute the Release Update name for ${PACK.EN_US} in the following command:

     cd /usr/openv/pack/${PACK.EN_US}/save
     (where {PACK.EN_US} is NB_NOM_6.5.6)

2)  Run the un-install script:


3)  Verify that the Release Update uninstalled successfully by checking:


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