DLO Agent shows "Working Offline" and does the Local backup only. The status shows a long list of files as "Pending Network" on the DLO Agent console.

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  • Changing the DLO Agent status to "Work Online" makes it revert back to "Working Offline"
  • If the same user logs-on to another desktop / laptop he is able to observe the same behavior of the DLO Agent.
  • DLO does not show any error. Also, no error is observed in the System and Application event logs.
  • Users account in Active Directory has not been changed or disabled.
  • Users account in DLO is Active and Enabled.
  • This has affected all the users in a specific profile of DLO.

Error Message

The TempDLOClient/DLOClientu log has this error:
W> ../client/include/testoffline.h( 217 ) got not found error, but IsDestinationReachable( <hostname>) returned OK, and auth attemp returned 00000000
E> serversanitycheck.cpp( 69 ) did not find server sanity file \\hostname\User_Backup\<Domain-name_Username>\.dlo\<hostname>\.sanity: 00000000
E> serversanitycheck.cpp( 82 ) failed to create server sanity file  \\hostname\User_Backup\<Domain-name_Username>\.dlo\<hostname>\.sanity: E0140007
E> client.cpp( 2374 )  CClientApp::StartupThread : CheckForUpdates FAILED result=3759407111 - IGNORING.


This can occur within the Connection Policy specified in the DLO profile. This connection policy may have been specific to VPN users. A range of IP addresses may be specified as seen below. These IP addresses may not be valid when connected over LAN / Wireless when the user is working in office.


The connection policy must be modified / deleted to resolve this issue.

Applies To

Applies to NetBackup and Backup Exec that supports Desktop Laptop Option (DLO)

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