"The value for column 'DeptID' in table 'source' is DBNULL" returned with pre-CA8 search criteria

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The Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) 8.0 user interface uses the new CA8 Client.  This client is used for all activities previously performed through the web interface.  When viewing search criteria for searches that have completed, the normal action is to double click on the search name.  In some instances, the above error is returned.  Clicking on the OK button in the error dialog box can, but will not always, display part of the search criteria.

Error Message

The value for column 'DeptID' in table 'source' is DBNULL


When the criteria of a completed search is accessed, the system uses a database stored procedure to obtain the XMLText column contents for the search.  The contents of the data are in XML format to assist with the request processing.  Part of this XML data is the Department or Monitored Employees individually selected from the Department in which the search was run.  In certain instances of where CA was upgraded from CA 6.x to 7.x to 2007.x to CA 8.x, the information for the individually selected Monitored Employees does not have any reference to their Department ID used by CA to determine Department membership.  When this relationship reference is not existent, the above error is thrown.

When looking at the XMLText information and formatting each XML section with indentations to ease viewing, a search that has its criteria readily viewed shows the Department as Type 1 as shown below:
    <Sources d2p1:Operant="1">
         <Source d2p1:Name="Administrators" d2p1:Type="1" d2p1:ID="8" />
A search that throws the above error when attempting to display the search criteria shows the Monitored Employee as Type 2 as shown below:
    <Sources d2p1:Operant="1">
         <Source d2p1:Name="Administrator" d2p1:Type="2" d2p1:ID="9" />
         <Source d2p1:Name="Enterprise Vault. Service" d2p1:Type="2" d2p1:ID="8" />
         <Source d2p1:Name="Exchange Srvc. Account" d2p1:Type="2" d2p1:ID="10" />
When only Type 2 entries exist in the Sources section, the error is thrown.


To obtain the search criteria for searches that throw the above error,
1) Hover the mouse over the search name until a pop-up dialog box is displayed with the SearchID and CaseID per TechNote 327471 (see Related Documents below)
2) Run the following SQL Query against the CA Customer database, saving the output to a file
SELECT XMLText FROM tblIntSearches WHERE SearchID = {SearchID from Step 1}  (i.e., to obtain the search criteria for Search ID 247, run the query SELECT XMLText FROM tblIntSearches WHERE SearchID = 247)
3) If needed, format the file by indenting each section that starts with the section name between <> (i.e., <Sources d2p1:Operant="1">) and ends with the section name between </> (i.e., </Sources>) as in the examples in the Explanation section below.
4) Reference the XMLText information to create a new search as needed.


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 - Release Details

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