All folders are not displayed in Archive Explorer or Enterprise Vault Search

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All folders are not displayed in Archive Explorer or Enterprise Vault Search due to lack of permissions on folders within the archive.  This can occur due to various scenarios.


This issue can occur if the following takes place.  

  • The users mailbox has been deleted in Exchange.
  • The users Active Directory (AD) account has been deleted.  
  • The user archive is retained in Enterprise Vault (EV).
  • The user has mailbox and AD accounts are re-created using the same name that was previously used.  
  • The user is enabled for EV and linked to the already existing archive.  
  • The Mailbox has been zapped using EVPM (see Enterprise Vault Utilities Guide for more information) and the folder within the archive has no corresponding folder in Exchange to synchronize permissions with. 

The Bill usage to field on the General of the Archive Properties for the user will show a SID and the correct account should be selected if the user account was previously used.  Also, the Permissions tab may show a SID until the user is synchronized (with Folder hierarchy and permissions selected) from the Archiving Task for that users Exchange server.

The user will not be able to see folders in Archive Explorer that currently do not exist in the new Exchange mailbox, but exist in the archive, unless the following is performed.  

Workaround 1
Use Enterprise Vault Policy Manager (EVPM) to reset the folder permissions in the archive.    

1.  Create an input file with a ResetArchiveFolderPerm value of 2.   The following is an example of the input file. The values should be modified for the EV environment.  


DistinguishedName= /o=First Organization/ou=First Administrative Group/cn=Recipients/cn=user1

2.  Open a command prompt on the EV server to the EV installation folder and process script using following format.  

EVPM [-e Exchange_server] [-f input_file] [-m mailbox_alias]

For more information on EVPM please see the link in the Related Documents section.

Workaround 2
Grant the user account manual permissions on the archive.  

1.  Open the Archive Properties for the user and select the Permissions tab.  
2.  Highlight the user and check Grant under Manually set in the Permissions section.  
3.  Synchronize the user from the Archiving Task for that users Exchange server selecting the option to include Folder hierarchy and permissions.  
4.  Open Archive Explorer and right-click in the left-hand pane and choose Refresh to update the local cache.

All folders in the archive should now be visible.    



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