Veritas Storage Foundation Manager (SFM) 2.1 Rollup Patch 1 (RP1)


Veritas Storage Foundation Manager (SFM) 2.1 Rollup Patch 1 (RP1)


On January 22, 2010, Symantec is pleased to announce the latest release for SFM 2.1 RP1. To download a single file for this release that includes all patches for all operating systems, please go to the following link below for more information: 

To download a specific operating system RP1 patch, select from the following:

Management Servers:
Linux Central Management Server: 
Solaris Central Management Server: 
Windows Central Management Server: 

Managed Hosts:
AIX Managed Host Patch: 
HP Managed Host Patch: 
HP 11.11 Managed Host Patch: 
Redhat Managed Host PPC Patch: 
Redhat Managed Host Patch: 
Solaris Sparc Managed Host Patch: 
Solaris Opteron Managed Host Patch: 
Windows Managed Host Patch:

Install Instructions:

1. Installing SFM 2.1RP1 for the Central Management Server (CMS)

The CMS binaries are available as a self extracting BIN file for Linux and Solaris, and an EXE for Windows platforms. After downloading the binaries, use ftp, scp or any other file transfer mechanisms to copy the file to the management server.  Executing these binaries will install RP on the central management server. The user will not be prompted with any questions. If the Central Management Server is configured in High Availability mode, the patch needs to be applied on both the active and passive nodes.

2. Installing SFM 2.1 RP1 for the Managed Hosts (MH)

Method 1: Deploy the patch on the managed host by using SFM Deployment mechanism:

a. Once the tar.gz file for your Managed Hosts is downloaded and uncompressed, upload these binaries to the Central Server using the Settings -> Deployment -> Package/Patch functionality.

b. Once the upload is done, the patch details will be visible in the table labeled "Package/Patch Repository".

c. Select the particular patch and use "Install Package/Patch" operation to deploy the patch on the managed host(s).

d. Repeat this sequence of steps for every managed host platform in your environment

Method 2: Deploy the patch on the managed host using OS native commands by going to individual machines:

a. Once the tar.gz file for your Managed Hosts is downloaded, gunzip and un-tar the file, to retrieve the native package / patch. Use gunzip to extract the files on UNIX. For Windows, use Winzip or a similar utility

b. The extracted files contain a directory, which contains another directory for the OS platform flavor.

c. Within the OS platform flavor directory, the OS native patch will be present which can be deployed using OS native commands.

Solaris - once you untar you should see a directory named "141270-02". You need to use the following command to install the patch: patchadd -M 141270-02

Linux - once you untar you should see a directory named "VRTSsfmh-". Inside that you will find a ".rpm" file. You can use rpm -Uvh [file] to upgrade the package

Windows - once you untar you should see a directory named "VRTSsfmh-". Inside that you will find different ".msi" files for 32bit / 64 bit. You can double click on the correct msi based on the host architecture to upgrade the package

AIX - once you untar you should see a directory named VRTSsfmh- Inside that you will a VRTSsfmh.bff. Copy the .bff file to temporary location say /tmp. You can use "installp -d /tmp/VRTSsfmh.bff VRTSsfmh" to upgrade the package.

HP - once you untar you should see a directory like UNOF_39818. Copy the directory to /var/spool. Then use "swinstall -s /var/spool/UNOF_39818 UNOF_39818" install the patch.

Fixes included in this release:

VRTSsfmcs 2.1RP1 fixes

1799260 When removing Auth Groups in SFM 2.1 GUI gets NoSuchElementException in Jasper/TomCat.
1831738 Add-ons page lists partially installed HC and LDR addons for 2.0 and 2.1 versions
1872759 Handle host which is having only point products license key
1881323 SFMdb.log growing very fast and without limits
1884312 Package and include grouppatterns.json
1884403 Allow user to enter multiple user ids in the Action Configuration page of the RuleManager
1884517 ServletException in:/layouts/RightPane.jsp Illegal pattern character 'u'
1888107 Not installed on status shown is incorrect in package / patch repository listing
1895801 Upgrade to JRE 1.6 to resolve security vulnerabilities
1898677 Exception thrown for Storage Utilization,File system Usage and Data protection page in reporting tab
1898930 Exception thrown while performing 'Change Security Properties' operation
1899111 Deploying windows sysaddon patch on VCS cluster node shows incorrect result message
1905610 Change Release detail from UxRT to their respective platform SxRT/AxRT/HxRT for LDR
1905745 Count for 'Host having higher licenses' displays wrong details
1907568 SFM Failed to configure LDAP
1907581 Unconfigure LDAP not working properly
1909116 Error while uploading price tier sheet
1922365  Host and license view are blank

VRTSsfmh 2.1RP1 fixes

1712298 WEBUI shows MH status as "Faulted - VEA: vxsvc or StorageAgent is not running" though all services running
1791063 needs to be run again after upgrade to VxVM 5.1
1791528 VRTSsfmh error log reporting numerous errors from managed hosts
1797382 SFM is reporting numerous couldn't set locale correctly messages in error.log
1804496 postremove error messages on SFM uninstall
1825858 CS showing wrong gab port information
1826409 SFM needs vxsvc service running to administer but service is not started
1826556 dcli vdid can fail on HPUX LVM disks
1827451 Addhost log information is off by one month
1831697 Managing Storage Enclosure Summary reports 1 enclosure when actually 3 exist
1831711 Volume Migration fails because it cannot find a target enclosure
1839795 Path type is empty on HP for SF 5.0 on 11.31-IA/PA
1850797 DMP Connectivity Summary view slow and causes high db CPU
1853081 vxship missing in VRTSsfmh for Linux
1854459 db2exp process is frequently core dumping on cluster node
1855087 vxlist incorrectly shows nolabel flag for labeled disks
1855466 When a VVR RVG goes offline it is reported as at risk, however when it goes online again the state does not change in the UI
1857468 VEA/vxpal continuously generate errors 0xc1000039 in vm_vxisis.log with no apparent reason
1858963 SFMH is uninstalled even if it was installed prior to install  of SFW/SFWHA
1861664 Fix the library path for gvdid to work in case of HP 11.11
1865225 IPv6 address not discovered in SFM gui for AIX hosts
1869752 Add support for DB2 9.x support
1873461 DCLI does not properly handle 2 vdids for one OShandle
1878266 too many hareg processes seen on a machine where sfmh is installed
1878876 vxlist core dumping after server firmware upgrade
1888082 After deploying sysaddon patch the operation status pop up is not having host details
1889739 LoP hosts get list out in 'Not Installed Hosts', when deployed the sysaddon for Linux x86 MH
1893244 Unable to add a host to the management server. V-39-4095-803 401 Unauthorized User Error
1894441 'Refresh host' needed to populate the MHs info, after upgrading package/patch through sysaddon
1897156 Paths are not shown for one of the array ports whereas Luns information is shown
1910997 Checkpoint size showing zero in Webgui
1917308 when had is stopped/started vcs based monitoring should continue to function
1934914 Configuration fails if 2.1 CS is not configured and directly upgraded to 2.1RP1 CS
1809918 Servlet Exception error after adding Opteron MH to CS
1887241 remove use of threads in Perl discovery
1931017 Copyright year for Windows, Solaris and HP-UX patches are 2009
1872805 prtdiag and psrinfo -v not supported in Solaris 8, causing LDR not to display correct results
1893699 Unable to add a host to the management server. V-39-4095-903 401 Unauthorized User Error
1904090 LDR fails to display deployment summary
1918582  Licenses not getting discovered in case default locale is non-English

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