Introducing the Backup Exec Support Tool (BE_ST)


Introducing the Backup Exec Support Tool (BE_ST)


Symantec Help replaces Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool
The Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool (BE ST) is no longer being developed. Use Symantec Help (SymHelp):


About the Backup Exec Support Tool:

The Backup Exec Support Tool (BE_ST) is a standalone tool that diagnoses many common issues found in Backup Exec, Backup Exec System Recovery and Symantec System Recovery environments. If after reviewing the reports generated by the tool, you are still unable to resolve the issue, the tool will also assist with gathering appropriate logs to send to technical support should you decide to open a technical support case. If an internet connection is present, the tool will automatically check for updates for itself, and automatically run the latest version of the tool.
To download the Backup Exec Support Tool click on the link or copy the URL in the browsers address bar - Backup_Exec_Support_Tool_Download 
To run the BE Support Tool in Backup Exec 2012:
The ‘Tools’ menu has been replaced by the “Backup Exec Button”. This is the large yellow and black button with the disk/tape storage graphic in the top left corner of the user interface. From the Backup Exec Button menu, select sub-menu >Technical Support >Run the support tool to resolve issues.
In Backup Exec 2010, the BE Support Tool is found under the Tools menu, sub-menu >Support Utilities>Run the support tool to collect information before you call technical support.
Using the Backup Exec Support Tool:
This video tutotial will guide you through the new, easier to use, Backup Exec Support Tool.
Note: Backup Exec Support Tool must be lauched while logged in with administrator rights, or the Backup Exec Support Tool should be launched with "Run as administrator", or incorrect results may be returned.
1. Upon launching the utility, it will check for a new release of itself while the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) is displayed. If any updates found, the utility will apply the changes and restart itself automatically. Click on I accept the EULA to continue.
After clicking I accept the EULA button, the following screen will be displayed:
This tool has the ability to diagnose various issues with both Backup Exec and Symantec / BE System Recovery.  Tests for either product can either be run individually or together by using the drop down box at the top of the window.
2. Click Next for the BE_ST to start gathering the data required to perform the analysis of selected items.
For details about each of the individual diagnostic reports run, please refer to "Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool Diagnostic Reports" in the Related Documents section.
Note: On Windows 2008, progress indicator may not update or appear to move. This is due to security settings configured within Windows and Internet Explorer, and will not affect the use of this utility.
3. After the data is collected and analyzed, the following screen will be displayed.
A. The Reports are categorized as follows:
  • Errors - These reports represent issues that could potentially cause Backup Exec or one of its Agents to have problems.
  • Warnings - These reports represent issues which should warrant some attention, but probably aren't critical.
  • Ok - These Reports represent data points which the Support Tool did not find any issues with.
  • Information - Provides a summary of general information regarding the system, such as available disk space, operating system information, etc.   A full breakdown of exactly what is being checked can be located here

B. Click the 'Exit' icon to exit the "Errors and Warnings were detected" screen.

To collect data for Symantec Backup Exec Technical Support, click "Save full data for support".


  • Click on either 'Backup Exec' or 'Symantec / BE System Recovery' to expand the list of items to gather.
  • Select only the logs that Technical Support has requested as the file created may consume a large amount of disk space.
  • Refer to the inline help for additional details about the log collection.

When the data collection process is complete, the following dialog box will be displayed:


Explanation of fields:

Name : Enter your name or the name of the customer.

Company : Enter your company or the company name of the customer.

Case : Enter the case number received from either creating a case online or calling Technical Support. (This is a mandatory field)

Contact : The contact information usually in the form of phone number(s) and email address(es). Please include the time zone or GMT differential and hours of availability.

Issue : Reason why the report is run and what needs to be investigated by Support.

Save File : Location for the report file to be saved.


  • On windows 7, the Support Tool may be unable to save the report file to the root of C:\. You will need to specify an alternate location to save the report file.
  • On Windows 2008, the progress indicator may not update.  This is due to security settings configured within Windows and Internet Explorer, and will not affect the use of this utility.


Click OK to save the file. It will also provide an option to send the results to an upload-only Symantec FTP server.

  • Click Yes to start the upload.
  • Click No to return to the "Review Reports" screen
To Download the latest version of the Symantec Backup Exec Support Tool (See Related Documents section)


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