Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for 7.0

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Veritas NetBackup 7.0 Late Breaking News


The Late Breaking News Bulletin has been created in order to provide customers updates on Documentation and Known Issues discovered post release.  These documents attempt to highlight the most 'common' known issues and concerns reported by customers.  The available Late Breaking News items are below:

Installation and Upgrade Checklist:
An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.0 on the Veritas Operations Services website to determine 7.0 requirements for master, media and clients:

NetBackup 7.0 Documentation for Known Issues pre-release:
Veritas NetBackup (tm) 7.0 Release Notes

NetBackup 7.0 Additional Operational Notes

NetBackup 7.0 Upgrade Portal

NetBackup Deduplication: Additional Usage Information

Known Issues:
Upgrade Specific Issues:
 During an upgrade to NetBackup 7.0 on Windows servers, immediate action must be taken if the following error is displayed: "<install_path>\VERITAS\NetBackupDB\scripts\create_nbdbspaces.sql" at line 13 Permission denied: unable to create the dbspace file "DBM_DATA" prompting the Administrator to "Continue", "Stop" or "Exit."

(ET1997084) BUG REPORT: NetBackup database validation may fail after an upgrade to NetBackup 7.0.
(ET1977448) NetBackup 7 software installation fails with MsiInstaller errors reported in the Windows Application Event log.
Issues not fixed in 7.0.1:
(NEW) (ET2253048) Enterprise Media Manager database (nbemm) becomes unresponsive under load

(NEW) (ET2137282) Full validations of the NetBackup Relational Database (NBDB that includes the EMM data) fail.

 (ET1999892) Issues resolved in the EEB package for Storage Lifecycle Policies (SLP) and disk expiration (DSSU) in NetBackup 7.0

(ET2085566) BUG REPORT: After an update of the OpenStorage (OST) plug-in to version, NetBackup may report status code 129 and "EMM status: Insufficient disk space or High Water Mark would be exceeded Disk storage unit is full(129)" more frequently due to a change in the method of calculation of free space on the storage unit.
 (3rd Party) A potential for data loss has been identified with VMware clients that are using Changed Block Tracking (CBT) if a reversion is performed to an older snapshot. This is a VMware issue that in turn affects NetBackup client backups.
All issues below are fixed with NetBackup 7.0.1:

 (ET2072855) When exclude lists using wildcards are used on NetBackup 7.0 clients on UNIX/Linux, extra files and directories may be incorrectly excluded from a backup.
Downloadable Fix:    https://www.veritas.com/docs/000008204

(ET 1984226)   BUG REPORT: Use% in nbdevquery is incorrect when using Media Server Deduplication disk pools
Downloadable Fix:    https://www.veritas.com/docs/TECH134983%20

(ET2027506)   DOCUMENTATION: Issues resolved in the NB_7.0_ET2027506_1_355094.zip NetBackup 7.0 Hotfix for Java Consoles
Downloadable Fix:  https://www.veritas.com/docs/000007459%20

(ET2002620)   On master servers of certain UNIX operating systems, calendar schedule changes for recurring days of the month do not properly configure in NetBackup 7.0. This can result in missed backups.
Downloadable Fix:  https://www.veritas.com/docs/TECH129834%20

(ET1953176)   A potential data loss issue has been discovered when backing up any DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) data in NetBackup Enterprise Server 7.0GA via Shadow Copy (with the DFS replication service running).

Downloadable Fix:  https://www.veritas.com/docs/TECH126230%20

(ET1955375)   Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG backups fail with a status 26 or Microsoft Exchange 2010 standalone backups fail with a status 103.
Downloadable Fix:    https://www.veritas.com/docs/000006850

(ET1950048)   BUG REPORT: Backups fail with status 233, bpdbm core dumps during add_files
Downloadable Fix: https://www.veritas.com/docs/000007460%20

(ET2083495) During a Windows backup in NetBackup 7.0, catalog entries are made for open files which are skipped during backup. This can give an impression that these files are available for restore when they are not.

 (ET1952907) BUG REPORT: If client side encryption is enabled for any XBSA based database agent backup policy, the backup fails in NetBackup 7.0

(ET2000644) BUG REPORT: Restores of individual email messages from GRT enabled Exchange Information Store backup sets in NetBackup 7.0 fail with "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel" reported if the Exchange Client Access Server has Secure Socket Layer certificates installed.

(ET1985939) BUG REPORT: SharePoint Agent: Unable to backup "Global Settings" within NetBackup 7.0

(ET1996352) BUG REPORT: SharePoint Recovery Assistant (SPSRecoveryAsst.exe) crashes when attempting to recover Web Application.

(ET1977037)  A critical issue has been discovered in NetBackup Enterprise Server 6.5GA and higher when performing optimized duplications. Duplications may report as successful, but a buffer overrun can cause an image copy to be created that cannot be restored without a special procedure.

(ET1987535) BUG REPORT: NetBackup SQL, Oracle database agents and user initiated backups are failing with exit status code 41 after upgrading to NetBackup 6.5 or 7.0.

(ET1976324) DOCUMENTATION: Issues resolved in the bundle for VMware backups included in Etrack 1976029

(ET1952223) A critical issue has been discovered when upgrading Veritas Backup Reporter (VBR) to OpsCenter Analytics. If VBR is uninstalled after upgrading to OpsCenter 7.0, OpsCenter services will not start. Additionally, user credentials must be recreated for VxAT user accounts.

(ET1988980) After a user logs off of an OpsCenter server, some of the OpsCenter services stop.

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During a Windows backup in NetBackup 7.0, catalog entries are made for open files which are skipped during backup. This can give an impression that these files are available for restore when they are not.

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