Unable to configure File System Archiving (FSA) reporting for a NetApp file server if the Enterprise Vault (EV) server is listed as NetBIOS name in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory database.

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This issue can occur if the EV ComputerName is listed as NetBIOS name in the ComputerEntry table of the EnterpriseVaultDirectory Database rather than the FQDN of the server.   Example:  EVSERVER instead of EVSERVER.DOMAIN.COM.

Error Message

Enterprise Vault was unable to obtain the name of the Enterprise Vault server that performs the FSA Reporting data collection for file server xxxxxx. As a result, FSA Reporting operations on the file server will fail.


Update the ComputerName field to have the FQDN of the EV server rather than the NetBIOS name of the server.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio or SQL Enterprise Manager depending on the version of SQL.
  2. Create a new query and copy the query below:

    Use EnterpriseVaultDirectory
    Update ComputerEntry
    Set ComputerName = 'FQDN_of_EV_server' where ComputerName = 'NetBIOS_of_EV_server'
  3. Change the FQDN_of_EV_server and NetBIOS_of_EV_server to the server names in the environment.
  4. Execute the query.


This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0 - Release Details

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