When Centera Collections are enabled within Enterprise Vault, verification checks for clip replication during post-processing may not be calculated properly


A mechanism currently exists within Enterprise Vault to verify that Centera clips have replicated properly (verifying the data has been backed up) before performing post-processing of those items.  To perform post-processing in an efficient manner, the Enterprise Vault Storage Service will terminate post-processing if 10 items in succession have not replicated, and the process will sleep for a short time.


When collections are enabled, up to 100 items may be stored within a single clip to be sent to the Centera device.  During post-processing, there is a very high probability that checking 10 items for replication will all be from the same clip instead of the intended purpose of checking items from 10 different collection clips.

In normal operating environments, this is likely to have little to no impact on overall archiving performance. However, issues can arise if just a single clip has replication problems (which is outside of Enterprise Vault control) causing the entire Storage process to halt all post-processing, even for clips that have replicated successfully.

Please contact the manufacturer of your storage device to correct issues with clip replication for Enterprise Vault to resume normal operations.



This issue has been addressed as part of the following release:

Enterprise Vault 9.0.3 - Release Details



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