"vxdctl license" shows "No licensed features are available"


"vxdctl license" shows the error message "No licensed features are available"

"vxlicrep" command output shows there are valid VxVM licenses installed on the system; however, "vxdctl license" command output shows "No licensed features are available".   Checking the system process table, "ps -ef | grep vxconfigd" command shows vxconfigd process is running with arguments "-m boot". 
"vxdctl mode" shows the mode of vxconfigd is "booted".
Attempt to put vxconfigd in enabled mode by running "vxdctl enable" will fail with the error below:

Error Message

# vxdctl license
No licensed features are available

# vxdctl enable
V-5-1-1589 enable failed: License has expired or is not available for operation 


The problem was caused by the Etrack incident listed in the Supplemental Material section of this article.   Due to the Etrack incident vxconfigd keeps on opening files without closing them (file description leak) when it interacts with the Veritas Event Source Daemon (vxesd).   When the vxconfigd process uses up all the available file descriptors, it will not be able to open the license files anymore and hence reports that there are no licensed features.

The problem affects 5.0 MP1 RP5 and 5.0 MP3.  Symantec engineering established that the leaked file descriptors belonged to IPC connections between vxconfigd and vxesd.   This resulted in valid license keys being reported as expired.



The cause of the issue is due to two known etrack incidents (1673764 and 1886007) with VxVM 5.0 MP1 RP5 and VxVM 5.0 MP3. 
Symantec has released patches for the issue.  If you are in a server down situation and are unable to apply the patches recommended, please implement a temporary work around below.
1. check vxlicrep command  output to ensure there are valid licenses installed on the server
2. restart vxesd by running
# vxddladm stop eventsource
# vxddladm start eventsource
3. /usr/sbin/vxdctl license
4. /usr/sbin/vxdctl mode
The outputs of the commands "vxdctl license" and "vxdctl mode" should now show licensed VxVM features and vxconfigd in enabled mode respectively.
Since the work around is a temporary solution, the long term solution is to apply the recommended patches.
The problem is fixed in following official patches for Solaris.   Symantec always recommends to apply the latest official patches if possible.
5.0MP3RP4 and onwards
5.1RP2 and onwards
5.1SP1 and onwards
Please download the above patches from Symantec Operation Readiness Tools (SORT) website.

Supplementary Information

There are also two unrelated file descriptor leak incidents with respect to vxesd on 5.0 MP1 RP5.   These two unrelated incidents are fixed in 5.0 MP3 already.    Symantec recommends customers to upgrade 5.0MP1 to 5.0MP3 as soon as possible.

Applies To

This problem is specific to the Solaris platform only.   It does not affect other OS platforms other than Solaris.  It affects both VxVM 5.0 and 5.1 on the Solaris platform.

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