Backup job fails with AOFO error "Snapshot provider error (0x8007000E): Ran out of memory"

Backup job fails with AOFO error "Snapshot provider error (0x8007000E): Ran out of memory"

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VSS cannot create a volume snapshot even when VSS has sufficient memory space in Windows Server 2003.

Error Message

Exchange Backup job fails with error, "Snapshot provider error (0x8007000E): Ran out of memory."


AOFO: Initialization failure on: "\\Servername\". Advanced Open File  Option used: Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). Snapshot provider error (0xE000FED1): A failure occurred querying the Writer status. Check the Windows Event Viewer for details. Writer Name: Registry, Writer ID: {AFBAB4A2-367D-4D15-A586-71DBB18F8485}, Last error: The  VSS Writer failed. The operation cannot be retried (0x800423f4), State: Failed during  prepare snapshot operation (8).


0x8007000e - Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.


This may be observed if the server was cloned or rebuilt using New SID.

The command to check the status of writers displays no writers as shown.

C:\Documents and Settings>vssadmin list writers
vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
(C) Copyright 2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings>


1. Stop the Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider & Volume Shadow Copy Service
Warning : Incorrect use of the Windows registry editor may prevent the operating system from functioning properly. Great care should be taken when making changes to a Windows registry. Registry modifications should only be carried-out by persons experienced in the use of the registry editor application. It is recommended that a complete backup of the registry and workstation be made prior to making any registry changes.
2. Export the contents of the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EventSystem key to a .reg file (as a backup).
3. Delete the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EventSystem\{26c409cc-ae86-11d1-b616-00805fc79216}\Subscriptions key. (Just delete the Subscriptions subkey; leave the EventClasses key.)
4. Restart the server.
5. Run the "VSSADMIN LIST WRITERS" command.
This causes the VSS entries in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\EventSystem\{26c409cc-ae86-11d1-b616-00805fc79216}\Subscriptions key to be rebuilt when the writers initialize.
6. Check if the Exchange writers are listed as stable and retry the job.
If the issue still persists apply Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) update rollup package for Windows Server 2003 to resolve some VSSD snapshot issues :-;en-us;940349 

7. A reboot will be required after installing this patch.


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E000FED1 - A failure occurred querying the Writer status.

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