Deduplication folder keeps showing in use even when no jobs are running

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Deduplication folder keeps showing in use even when no jobs are running.

Error Message

Deduplication folder stays in use showing a green arrow.  The folder shows offline when stopping and restarting the Backup Exec Services. Re-enabling the Deduplication folder causes it to immediately go to in use. 


This issue may occur if the system resources have exceeded the warning level.


Review the spoold.log file for errors.

1. Open the Deduplication folder and locate the logs directory.

2. Once inside the logs directory open the spoold.log and search for memory inside the file.
Location of Spoold.log: <path-to-deduplication-storage-folder>\log\spoold

3. Check to see if there are warnings regarding memory usage. For example:

February 02 16:14:06 WARNING [000000000C120F10]: 25004: Current Memory usage exceeds the Warning threshold value (current value: 85, allowed value: 85).
The usage of one or more system resources has exceeded a warning level. It is advised that measures are taken to prevent a possible exhaustion of critical system resources.

4. Go into task manager check for free memory available.

5. Add additional memory to the server if necessary.

6. If the Deduplication folder continues showing in use, a new folder may need to be created due to corruption of the original folder. 

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