Veritas Storage Agent (vxvm) fails to start

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Veritas Storage Agent (vxvm) fails to start

Error Message

ERROR 7031(0xc0001b77) Service Control Manager HOSTNAME The Veritas Storage Agent service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 1 time(s). The following corrective action will be taken in 60000 milliseconds: Restart the service.


  • Hitachi disk array managed by EMC Powerpath.
  • HP Internal Disk devices.

Powerpath masks the Vendor ID (VID) of the Hitachi Array to EMC.  This can cause the Ddlprov provider to error while loading; which may make vxvm terminate.

Renaming the following dlls may allow the Storage Agent to start:
  • %VMPATH%\vc7\bin\EMC.dll
  • %VMPATH%\vc7\bin\HITACHI.dll
  • %VMPATH%\vc7\bin\HP.dll
Note: %VMPATH% is an environment variable pointing to the Volume Manager 5.1 directory.

This issue has been identified and a private fix is available from Symantec Enterprise Technical Support. To obtain the private fix, contact Symantec Enterprise Technical Support and reference this article during the call. A support representative will be available to assist in troubleshooting this issue. If it is determined that the private fix addresses the problem the support representative will further assist in obtaining the private fix.
Note: This fix specifically addresses the problem identified above. It has not been fully tested and should be applied in a test environment before placing into production. If the systems are not critically impaired, it is recommended to delay the installation of this private fix until the next scheduled maintenance release. Before applying this private fix, systems may be required to be upgraded to the latest code base. The support representative will help in determining the best course of action.

Additional Note:
The masking of the VID to EMC can cause Hitachi devices to be discovered as EMC GateKeeper devices which Storage Foundation for Windows will automatically mask from the system.  Please see the related documents for steps to resolve this condition.

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