HOWTO install Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) GUI for product version 5.1


VEA is no longer included in the default installation for product version 5.1. But due to demand, the VEA GUI  interface have been made available to download and to install separately .

There will still be a package VRTSob that will be installed as part of the product 5.1  install. Additional package  is required to be installed to enable the VEA GUI.
Note:  VEA will be discontinued in the future and you are advised to configure the new alternative Veritas Operations Manager (VOM).


 To install VEA GUI package, the steps are as follows:

1. Visit URL 
On this page, you will see near the bottom of the page the link : "Veritas cluster Server JAva Console, Veritas cluster Server Simulator, Veritas Enterprise Administrator Console". click this link and a pop-up window will appear.

Veritas Enterprise Administrator Console  
Symantec recommends the use of Storage Foundation Manager to manage data center environments running Storage Foundation and High Availability Software. The VEA console is no longer packaged with Storage Foundation and can be downloaded here

2. On the resulting window  "DOWNLOAD NOW"


3.  On this window , read the "Terms and Conditions" and click "I AGREE"

4. Login  to the SymAccount if you already have one or create a new account


5.  After successful login, you can then select the software download for your system. The choice are for VEA Windows, Linux. Solaris, Solaris x64 and AIX


6.  After selecting the product (In this example VEA for Linux) , "click here" and save to your local system


To install

For Linux :

# rpm -ivh  Veritas_Enterprise_Administrator_3.4.12.0_for_Linux.rpm

For Solaris :

# gunzip  Veritas_Enterprise_Administrator_3.4.12.0_for_Solaris_SPARC.tar.gz

# tar xvf Veritas_Enterprise_Administrator_3.4.12.0_for_Solaris_SPARC.tar

# pkgadd -d . VRTSobgui

For AIX :

# gunzip  Veritas_Enterprise_Administrator_3.4.12.0_for_AIX.bff.z

# install -acXd  Veritas_Enterprise_Administrator_3.4.12.0_for_AIX.bff  VRTSobgui

Once you have  added the packages to your system, Activate the VEA GUI by running the following commands :

# /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl activate
Activated Veritas Enterprise Administrator.
# /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl status
Current state of server : NOT RUNNING

# /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl start  
Starting VERITAS Enterprise Administrator Service (vxsvc)

# /opt/VRTSob/bin/vxsvcctrl status
Current state of server : RUNNING

7. Start  the VEA GUI
#/opt/VRTSob/bin/vea &



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