An archive job created with the Backup Exec Archiving Option (BEAO) fails with "unable to load the job configuration information"

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When running an archive job, it fails with "unable to load the job configuration information".


Error Message

  Archive -- The job failed with the following error: For the Archiving Option, unable to load the job configuration information. Ensure that the Enterprise Vault services are running. Check the Enterprise Vault Event Log in the Windows Event Viewer for details.


The Backup Exec and Enterprise Vault services are running with different service account credentials. 



To resolve this issue, update the Backup Exec Services Manager per the following steps (The Backup Exec Services Manager automatically updates the Enterprise Vault service credentials with the same credentials): 
1.Open the Backup Exec Services Manager by clicking Tools > Backup Exec Services.
2.Click Services Credentials.
3.Click Change service account information.
4.Type the credentials to use for the service account.
5.Click OK.
6.Click Restart all Services to apply the changes.




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