Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for Veritas Operations Manager 3.x

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Veritas Operations Manager 3.x Late Breaking News (LBN) (Updated December 13, 2010)


This article provides late breaking information regarding the Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) 3.x releases. Veritas Corporation updates this article as new information pertaining to VOM becomes available. Veritas recommends that you frequently check this article for updates.

On December 13, 2010 Veritas released Windows Central Management Server (CMS) for VOM 3.1, new and updated add-ons, and Rollup Patch 1 (RP1). 

As part of this release:

Veritas Operations Manager 3.1 Windows Central Management Server


Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for CommandCentral Storage (Windows and Solaris)

Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Distribution Manager

Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Business Entity Operations


Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Storage Insight (updated)

Veritas Operations Manager Add-on for Thin Provisioning Reclamation (updated)


Rollup Patch 1 for all Managed Hosts (MH)

Rollup Patch 1 for Solaris and Linux CMS


Windows CMS and add-ons can be downloaded from this site: https://go.Veritas.com/vom

RP1 can be can be downloaded from this site: https://sort.Veritas.com/patch/matrix/

On October 4, 2010 Veritas released VOM 3.1 and can be downloaded from this site: https://go.Veritas.com/vom

Key Features:  

SF HA Functionality


HA DR Fire Drill

Fire drill functionality facilitates the users in ensuring that the infrastructure is ready when a critical event occurs that requires failing over of the mission critical applications thus ensuring minimal downtime.


- High availability Fire Drill (HA FD) checks for any discrepancies in underlying infrastructure on various nodes involved in the cluster with respect to initial VCS configuration settings. Successful HA fire drill indicates that the service group has a greater chance to successfully failover to another node within the cluster.


- Disaster Recovery Fire Drill (DR FD) allows the user to verify that data replication is correctly working and the secondary site for DR is ready and can be successfully brought online in the case of a site-wide disaster.


Application HA Support

VOM 3.1 provides enhanced monitoring, administration and reporting capabilities for the applications running on Virtual Machines that have ApplicationHA configured. These includes Enabling/Disabling of Application Heartbeat, Start/Stop of Apps across Virtual Machines in a single operation


Automatic File System Growth

This feature enables administrators to set thresholds for monitoring the file system usage and plan preventive measures to avoid file system failures. Adequate alerts are generated if the current usage exceeds these threshold levels. The rule framework will automatically increase the size of the file system by user defined percentage when the file system usage exceeds high usage risk value. This prevents the file system from faulting with little or no administrative overhead on threshold monitoring and management.


New Reports                        

Failover Summary: Shows the failover data of selected clusters.

Thin Pool: Shows usage details of Thin Pools in the environment.

Patch report: Patch report presents consolidated information about patches applicable to hosts in the datacenter



License and Entitlement Reporting

Licenses dashboard is improved to get quick and better understanding of license deployment summary.

- License views can be scoped for selected business entity.

- Along with SF and SF/HA, VOM now discovers additional licenses like Application HA, DMP standalone, CC-Storage.

- For windows Managed Host, along with OS Tier, VOM also discovers CPU tier.

- License life cycle report that displays information like the date and time at which a license is installed, detected, and removed from the host has been added.

- Feature tracking information has been added to help understand which feature was used on the host, when was it used last and how many times it was used.

Deployment Management

This feature enables users to deploy various kinds of solution in the VOM environment. The following enhancements have been made to this feature in VOM 3.1:


- Merge the “Add-on Management” and “Package Management” page into a single page called “Deployment Management”

- Categorization of solutions as Add-on, Package, Patch and Hot Fix

- Show only the list of applicable hosts or only hosts where the solution can actually be installed for any solution.

- Show whether an add-on is not applicable for any the current VOM environment or a higher version of the for the same is present in the store


Extended Attributes

Extended Attributes are attributes defined by the user, in addition to the existing attributes discovered by VOM. These allow the user to add user specific values/descriptions to objects.


Business Entity Enhancements


The 3.1 release introduces two types of business entities: application business entities, and organization business entities.




Storage Insight is an add-on that adds capabilities into VOM3.1 to provide deep visibility into storage enclosures. It has ability to configure and discover objects such as physical disks, raid groups/storage pools, devices/LDEVs from these enclosures. It also has capabilities to discover objects related to various technologies such as mirroring (local/remote, snapshot, replication) , thin provisioning implemented by various vendors within storage enclosure. These discovered objects are well integrated into existing VOM functionality. In this release storage enclosures from 3 different vendor’s viz. EMC Symmetrix, HITACHI and IBM XIV are supported.


Thin Provisioning Reclamation  is an add-on that allows simple configuration of recurring reclamation processes from a Storage, Application, or Host perspective. Once configured, it will automate thin storage reclamation utilizing the Veritas Storage Foundation to keep your storage efficiently thin.


On September 1, 2010 Veritas released VOM 3.0 Rollup Patch 1 (RP1). The RP1 can be downloaded from here: https://sort.veritas.com/patch/matrix

On July 20, 2010 Veritas released VOM 3.0 Release Update 1 (RU1):

Veritas Operations Manager 3.0RU1 is a release update for version 3.0. Issues that may occur during upgrade to Veritas Operations Manager 3.0 have been fixed in this release update. The upgrade to version 3.0 Management Server or version 3.0 managed hosts may fail on Windows hosts due to Veritas Operations Manager processes that are not properly shutdown. The 3.0RU1 update ensures that all the required processes are properly shutdown.

The upgrade to version 3.0 Management Server may fail on a UNIX or a Linux host if the VRTSsfmh package is already installed on it. The 3.0RU1 release update includes an appropriate error message that instructs the user to uninstall the VRTSsfmh package before the upgrade.

On April 26, 2010 Veritas released VOM 3.0 and can be downloaded from this site: https://go.Veritas.com/vom

VOM is Single management tool for Storage foundation and High Availability (SFHA) Solutions operations consolidating management functions from Storage Foundation Manager, Veritas Cluster Server Management Console, Veritas Enterprise Administration and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) Java consoles into one central Tool. This delivers customer centric solutions that unlock the owner of SFHA to deliver advanced capabilities in the DataCenter.

Key Features:

  • Brand New Dashboard, focusing on Risks and health of your environment
  • Storage Provisioning using Templates and Advanced Volume Migration
  • VCS Operations and More detailed VCS visualization
  • Performance monitoring and statistics
  • 20+ new reports, Better security configuration, and Scheduler: For Reports and Policy Check
  • Fault Management with detailed analysis for root cause and Activity monitoring
  • New user interface based on Highlander, with easier navigation, better searching and filtering
  • Pre-bundled License Deployment Reporter functionality and Policy Check (was Health Check)




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