How to enable error message logging in vxconfigd


How to enable error message logging in vxconfigd


VERITAS Volume Manager (tm) provides the option of logging console output to a file. The Volume Manager configuration daemon vxconfigd controls whether such logging is turned on or off, which by default, is disabled. If enabled, the default log file is vxconfigd.log, and its location varies by operating system:
Operating System        Log File
AIX                             /var/adm/ras/vxconfigd.log
HP-UX                        /var/adm/vxconfigd.log
Linux                         /etc/vx/vxconfigd.log
Solaris                      /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log

vxconfigd also supports the use of syslog to log all of its regular console messages. When this is enabled, all console output is directed through the syslog interface.  

To enable logging of console output to a file, either invoke vxconfigd as follows or edit the Volume Manager startup script (described later):
#  vxconfigd [-x [1-9]] -x log

The option -x [1-9] is required to get any debug output. So, if -x 9 -x log is mentioned, then messages will get logged to /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log.

To enable syslog logging of console output, either invoke vxconfigd as follows or edit the Volume Manager startup script (described later):
# vxconfigd -x syslog
When -x syslog is used, debug messages are not logged. Only error, fatal error, warning, and notice messages are logged.  If -x 9 -x log -x syslog is specified,  then all the debug messages only go to vxconfigd.log, but error messages go to both vxconfigd.log and to the log file specified in syslog.conf. Refer to the syslog and syslog.conf man pages for more information.

An alternate method of enabling log file and/or syslog logging is to edit the Volume Manager startup script:
Operating System        Startup Script
AIX                             /etc/init.d/vxvm-sysboot
HP-UX                        /sbin/init.d/vxvm-sysboot
Linux                         /etc/vx/vxvm-startup
Solaris                      /etc/init.d/vxvm-sysboot

Modify the following portion of the Volume Manager startup script this way:

1.  Uncomment any of the following lines to enable the corresponding option in vxconfigd:
#opts="$opts -x syslog"                 # use syslog for console messages
#opts="$opts -x log"                    # messages to /var/vxvm/vxconfigd.log
#opts="$opts -x logfile=/foo/bar"       # specify an alternate log file
#opts="$opts -x timestamp"              # timestamp console messages

2.  Uncomment the following line:
#debug=1                                # enable debugging console output

It is necessary to uncomment the line regarding "debug".  The higher the debug level (0-9), the greater the output.


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