Requirements for using the Agent for VMware


Before you use the Agent for VMware, ensure that the following requirements are met:

  • Install the license for the Agent for Hyper-V and VMware on the Backup Exec server. The Backup Exec server runs the backup and restore jobs.

  • Determine if you are going to use Backup Exec's Granular Recovery Technology to recover individual items from Microsoft applications. If you plan to use GRT, install the Agent for Windows on your virtual machines that run Windows.


    If you are going to use GRT, ensure that you use unique virtual machine names. GRT operations may not function correctly if duplicate virtual machine names are encountered.

    See Using Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) with the Agent for VMware.

    See Installing the Agent for Windows on VMware virtual machines.

  • Verify that your environment includes supported hardware and software by reviewing the Hardware Compatibility List and the Software Compatibility List.

    You can find a list of compatible operating systems, platforms, and applications at the following URL:

    You can find a list of compatible devices at the following URL:

  • Verify that your virtual machine names do not contain any characters that VMware does not support. Only the following characters can be used in virtual machine names:

    • Uppercase and lowercase ASCII characters

    • Numbers

    • Period (.)

    • Hyphen (-)

    • Underscore (_)

    • Plus sign (+)

    • Left and right parentheses ()

    • Spaces

      Use of any characters that are not listed above may cause backup jobs to fail.

  • Verify that HTTPS port 443 is used on the vCenter/ESXi server. Port 443 is the default HTTPS port. Backup Exec is configured to use HTTPS port 443 to retrieve the appropriate SSL certificate from the vCenter/ESXi server. If your vCenter server does not use the default HTTPS port of 443, then you must add the server to Backup Exec with the port number appended to the end of the server name.

    For example, myvCenter60.mydomain:482

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