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Account Permissions

  • Must have Discovery Archive (DA) Access
    • If you do not have the correct permissions, speak to the administrator who can grant access to this portal
  • Must be a Reviewer to access other archive accounts


  • Create a Saved Search
  • Select relevant custodian

My Mailbox Search

  1. Go to Investigations > My Mailbox > Saved Searches > New Search -


  1. Click on the Chevrons next to the Search Button to open the Advanced Search Interface -

  2. Enter your search criteria -

    1. The example above will bring search historical mails (including today) that include the word payroll in the Subject line
      1. Clicking on the plus sign allow you to add additional filters
    2. The minimum criteria for advanced search is one search filter


Managed Accounts Archive Search

  1. Go to Investigations > Managed Accounts > Saved Searches > New Search
  2. Same process as above except -
    1. When in advanced search you choose either all or selected custodians (selecting the user(s) you have access to)

      1. The custodians you specify here will form the scope of your search

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