How to Assign Review or Administrator Roles to Accounts in Archive Administration

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By default, all users created in Archive Administration are automatically assigned the Account role. After creating new users, administrators can assign reviewers or administrators roles to existing archive accounts. Reviewers typically monitor employee emails for material that does not follow company communication policies while administrators can perform a variety of functions relating to management of the archive.

Assign Reviewer Role

  1. Expand Role Management and click Assign Accounts
  2. Select a user from the list.
  3. Click a role at the top of the Assign Accounts page to show only users with the specific role assigned.
  4. Select Reviewer from the Role field.
  5. Click Add/Remove Monitored Accounts to manually select accounts for this reviewer to monitor.  Select the Monitor All Accounts checkbox to allow the user to monitor all user accounts.
  6. Select the user accounts you want to the reviewer to monitor.
  7. Click Update and Close.  Uncheck Never Expires and select an expiration date if you want the monitoring privilege for a user account to expire on a specific date.

 Assign Administrator Role

  1. Expand Role Management and click Assign Accounts
  2. Select a user from the list.
  3. Select Administrator in the Role field.
  4. Select Monitor All Accounts only if necessary to allow the user to monitor all user accounts without exception.
  5. Select the roles you want to assign in the Group Privileges section.
  6. Click Save



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