Information on Load File Imports (LFI)


This article was produced to supply the user quick access to information on Load File Imports.  In the demonstration below will show how to perform a load file import.

To see this demo in version 7.x refer to

This article contains a list of highly sought after articles and is not intended to be an exhaustive list of information on the subject. Click on the articles in the tables below based on interest.

How To
The following articles provide assistance with those "How To" type questions.

How to load native files (loose files) with extracted text filesTECH211758
How to find and interpret the LFI debug logHOWTO93894
How to import non EML or MSG filesTECH205337


When troubleshooting an issue with LFI it is important to review the LFI debug log.  The articles below provide some common errors that may be seen when using LFI. 

Ingested text appears as forwarded textTECH208494
Error #80094 #80065 A transaction operation failed. Error: could not insert: when saving a load file import template.TECH206733
Error #80000 Common Services Error : Discovery of all the subSources failed during a load file importTECH206137
Error "Load file tagging error: Tagging didn't complete successfully, please refer the support page." after load file importTECH207181
Post processing log shows "Duplicate entry '1' for key 'PRIMARY'" when adding Load File import data ---Load File Import (LFI) not supported in Distributed Architecture (Fixed in V713)TECH205213


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