How To Find All Documents With Duplicates Within A Clearwell Case.


Frequently, users will need to determine how many documents in a collection have duplicates.  This article describes the process for finding (and reporting on) duplicates.

The "Print" feature will allow the export of a report in CSV format, of all documents contained in a search.
  1. From Clearwell, select your case
  2. Pull up the Entire Corpus by Searching “All Documents” and clicking the Go button.
  3. Select Print option
  1. From the Print job window
  2. Select all documents
  3. Format the print to CSV
  4. Show document location 
  5. Create a downloadable file – available from you Pickup window
  1. From the Pickup window, open/save the CSV report
  2. Documents with duplicates will have a value in “Document Source 2” column 


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