How to increase the number of document locations in a Print > Document log (CSV) for Clearwell

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By default the “Document log (CSV)” Print function output includes 2 document sources (locators).  It may be desirable to print more document sources, for locating duplicates by including additional document sources.  
Change the esa.jcsvexport.csvdisplay.field.locators.count System property to the desired integer value. A confirmation will be displaed showing the old and new value. This is a dynamic change and will get picked up when the next Print > Document log (CSV) is executed.

There is no real upper limit to this value, however the larger the value, the more columns will be written to file, and this will increase the time to complete the print job.

1. Log on to the Clearwell appliance

2. Go to System Tab -> Additional Items -> Support

3. Under step1: Choose a support feature, select Property Browser

4. Under Name of property to change, copy/paste - esa.jcsvexport.csvdisplay.field.locators.count 

5. Under New value (leave blank to remove), enter the desired value

6. Check mark Confirm change. Are you sure?*

7. Click on Submit
Note: Repeat the steps above for the second property, esa.export.pdf.pdfstamper.footer, but leave the New Value blank

8. Restart services after the properties are set by running options 3, then 4 in the Clearwell Utility. 

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