Managing reports in Veritas Operations Manager Enterprise Server 5.0


Managing reports in Veritas Operations Manager Enterprise Server 5.0

You can perform many tasks that are related to managing Veritas Operations Manager Enterprise Server reports.

If a report is open on the Home page, the buttons and icons on the top right provide shortcuts to tasks such scheduling the report, viewing it in different output formats (PDF, HTML, XML, Excel, or comma-delimited), bookmarking it, and so on.

The Manage Reports icon lets you set options for reports without opening them, as well as set additional options such as changing the report language.

To manage reports

  1. In the upper right of the Home page, click the Manage Reports icon.

  2. To select the type of report you want to work with, do one of the following:

    • For sample reports, click Public Folders > Sample Reports. Continue clicking through the folders until you display a report name. (The icon changes from a folder to a report icon.)

    • For a custom report, click the folder you stored it in. This could be inMy Folders or a folder that you created in Public Folders.

  3. At the end of the row for that report, choose from the following options:

    Set Properties

    Click this option to do one or more of the following:

    • Select the report language.

    • Change the report name.

    • Include a screen tip for the report.

    • Add a description.

    • Limit the number of saved histories.

    • Limit the number of saved report outputs.

    • Change the editing permissions for your users.

    Run with options

    Click this option to generate the report in different outputs (such as HTML, Excel, PDF, XML, or comma-separated text) or select a language.

    Open with Query Studio

    Click this option to edit an ad hoc report in Query Studio.

    Create a report view of this report

    Click this option to create a second view of the report. In the second view, you can specify options, format, or language for the report view that differ from the original. You can create a source report that generates a PDF weekly, but create another view of the report and specify a daily XML output. Because users cannot edit a report view, you might also want to create a view that others can run but cannot modify.


    Click this option to schedule when the report should run automatically.


    Click this option to run the report in other formats (HTML, Excel, PDF, XML, or comma-separated text). You can also select a language, create shortcuts to the report, or add this report to your browser's bookmarks.

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