Installing the SFHA Solutions products using the installer

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Installing the SFHA Solutions products using the installer

This section describes how to install the Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions products such as DMP, SF, SFHA, SFCFSHA, SF Oracle RAC, SF Sybase CE, VCS, or VirtualStore using the installer.

Symantec recommends that you use the Veritas SFHA Solutions product installer to license and install the Storage Foundation and High Availability products.

To install on multiple systems, set up the systems so that the commands execute between systems without prompting for passwords or confirmations with remote shell or secure shell communication utilities.

The installer program can configure both remote shell and secure shell communications.

To install the Veritas product

  1. Confirm that you are logged in as the superuser and that you have mounted the product disc.

    If you obtained a Veritas product from an electronic download site, which does not include the Veritas product installer, use theinstallprod script and follow the prompts.

  2. Start the installation.

    # ./installer
  3. Enter I to install and press Return.

  4. From the list of available products, enter the number that corresponds to the product that you want to install, and press Return.

  5. Specify whether you accept the terms of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Enter y to agree.

  6. Select the type of installation.

    Based on the packages you want to install, enter one of the following:


    Minimal packages

    Installs only the minimal required packages that provide basic functionality of the product.


    Recommended packages

    Installs the recommended packages that provide complete functionality of the product. This option does not install the optional packages. Note that this option is the default.


    All packages

    Installs all the product packages. You must choose this option to configure any optional feature of the product.

    Symantec recommends that you choose this option.


    Displays the packages for each option.

    Select the packages to be installed on all systems? [1-4,q,?] 
    (2) 3

    The options might vary depending on the Veritas product you want to install. For example, to install Symantec VirtualStore, you must choose the modes Typical or Custom. Typical mode installs the recommended packages.

    Choose the mode you would like to install SVS: [1-2,q,?] (1)
  7. Enter one or more system names where you want to install the Veritas product and press Enter.

    Enter the platform system names separated by spaces: 
    [q,?] sys1 sys2

    Where platform indicates the operating system.

  8. Follow the installer prompts as it verifies the system for installation. For example:

    • If the installer fails to verify, fix the issue and return to the installer. Press Enter to continue with the installation.

    • After the system checks are complete, the installer displays a list of the packages to be installed. Press Enter to continue with the installation.

    Review the list of packages and patches that the installer would install on each system. The installer installs the packages and patches on the systems.

  9. Choose the licensing method.

    Based on what license type you want to use, enter one of the following:


    You must have a valid license key. Enter the license key at the prompt:

    Enter a product license key: [b,q,?]

    If you plan to enable additional product features, enter the corresponding license keys when the installer prompts for additional licenses.

    Do you wish to enter additional licenses? [y,n,q,b] (n) y


    The keyless license option enables you to install the product without entering a key. However, to ensure compliance, keyless licensing requires that you manage the systems with a management server.

    For more information, go to the following website:

    Note that this option is the default.

    The installer registers the license and completes the installation process.

    See About Veritas SFHA Solutions product licensing.

  10. If your product requires configuration, the installer prompts you to continue with the configuration steps.

    You can enter y to configure the product, or you can choose to configure the product later.

  11. Follow any other additional installer prompts depending on the additional product features that you enabled at the time of licensing.

  12. Enter y at the following prompt to send the installation information to Symantec:

    Would you like to send the information about this installation to
    Symantec to help improve installation in the future? [y,n,q,?] (y) y

    The installer provides an option to collect data about the installation process each time you complete an installation, upgrade, configuration, or uninstall of the product. The installer transfers the contents of the install log files to an internal Symantec site. The information is used only to gather metrics about how you use the installer. No personal customer data is collected, and no information is shared with any other parties. Information gathered includes the product and the version installed or upgraded, on how many systems you installed the product, and the time spent in any section of the install process.

    The installer checks for online updates and provides an installation summary.

  13. Reboot the systems if the installer prompts for a reboot.

  14. After the installation, note the location of the installation log files, the summary file, and the response file for future reference.

    The files provide the useful information that can assist you with the configuration and can also assist future configurations.

    summary file

    Lists the packages that are installed on each system.

    log file

    Details the entire installation.

    response file

    Contains the installation information that can be used to perform unattended or automated installations on other systems.

See About Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0

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