About Veritas SFHA Solutions product licensing

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About Veritas SFHA Solutions product licensing

You have the option to install Veritas products without a license key. Installation without a license does not eliminate the need to obtain a license. A software license is a legal instrument governing the usage or redistribution of copyright protected software. The administrator and company representatives must ensure that a server or cluster is entitled to the license level for the products installed. Symantec reserves the right to ensure entitlement and compliance through auditing.


During the installation, you can choose to either:

  • Install a license key for the product and features that you want to install.

    When you purchase a Symantec product, you receive a License Key certificate. The certificate specifies the product keys and the number of product licenses purchased.

  • Continue to install without a license key.

    The installer prompts for the product modes and options that you want to install, and then sets the required product level.

    Within 60 days of choosing this option, you must install a valid license key corresponding to the license level entitled or continue with keyless licensing by managing the server or cluster with a management server, such as Veritas Operations Manager (VOM). If you do not comply with the above terms, continuing to use the Symantec product is a violation of your end user license agreement, and results in warning messages.

    For more information about keyless licensing, see the following URL:


If you encounter problems while licensing this product, visit the Symantec licensing support website.

If you upgrade to this release from a prior release of the Veritas software, the product installer does not change the license keys that are already installed. The existing license keys may not activate new features in this release.

If you upgrade with the product installer, or if you install or upgrade with a method other than the product installer, you must do one of the following to license the products:

See About Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0

You can also use the above options to change the product levels to another level that you are authorized to use. For example, you can add the replication option to the installed product. You must ensure that you have the appropriate license for the product level and options in use.


In order to change from one product group to another, you may need to perform additional steps.

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