How to replace NIC in Filestore 5.7

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NIC interface which was excluded at the time of installation OR which is added newly in cluster can be added to FileStore cluster by using support scripts. We can also replace old NIC card with new one by using device add command. This is useful in case of old NIC is not working. This command can work with on board NIC and multiport NIC’s.


To add device use following steps:
- Login in to master node support account and execute su – root
- Go to path /opt/VRTSnasgw/scripts/
- Execute: ./ –d <device_name>
- Note that device with device name must be present on all nodes. This will add physical device, and later if required admin can add virtual IP’s from master login.

To replace device use following steps:
- New device must be connected to system. Please remember to note mac address of old NIC prior to unplug from system.
- Execute: ./ –r <old_device_mac_address> -w <new_device_mac_address>

To remove the device use following steps:
- Login in to master node support account and do su – root
- Go to path /opt/VRTSnasgw/scripts/
- Execute: ./ –d <device_name>
- Removing private device can lead to problem in cluster communication. It is discouraged to remove priveth device.
- In case of public interface the VIP’s will get deleted from cluster.

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