Adding and removing DMP support for vSCSI devices for an array

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Adding and removing DMP support for vSCSI devices for an array

See Using Storage Foundation in the VIO client with virtual SCSI devices

See About disabling DMP multi-pathing for vSCSI devices in the Virtual IO Client

Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) controls the devices for any array that has DMP support to use the array for vSCSI devices.

To add or remove DMP support for an array for use with vSCSI devices

  1. To determine if DMP support is enabled for an array, list all of the arrays that DMP supports for use with vSCSI devices:

    # vxddladm listvscsi
  2. If the support is not enabled, add support for using an array as a vSCSI device within DMP:

    # vxddladm addvscsi array_vid
  3. If the support is enabled, you can remove the support so that the array is not used for vSCSI devices within DMP:

    # vxddladm rmvscsi array_vid
  4. You are prompted to reboot the system, if required.

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