Migrating to DMP from IBM SDD (vpath)


Migrating to DMP from IBM SDD (vpath)

See Migrating LVM volume groups to DMP

This procedure describes removing devices from SDD control and enabling DMP on the devices.

Plan for system downtime for the following procedure.

The migration steps involve system downtime on a host due to the following:

  • Need to stop applications

  • Need to stop the VCS services if using VCS

  • The procedure involves one or more host reboots

To take the devices out of SDD control and enable DMP

  1. Stop the applications that use SDD devices.

  2. Unmount the file systems that use SDD devices.

  3. Vary off the LVM volume groups.

    # varyoff vgroupname
  4. Stop the SDD server daemon

    # stopsrc -s sddsrv
  5. Verify that the SDD server has stopped.

    # lssrc
  6. Remove any logical volumes and volume groups that use the SDD devices:

    # rmlv lvolumename
    # exportvg vgroupname
  7. Remove the SDD vpath devices:

    # rmdev -dl dpo -R 
    vpath0 deleted 
    vpath1 deleted 
  8. Uninstall the SDD driver package devices.

    # sdd.os-version.rte 


    DO NOT uninstall the Host Attachments packages for the arrays that are controlled by SDD.

  9. Turn on the DMP support for the LVM volume groups.

    # vxdmpadm settune dmp_native_support=on
  10. Reboot the system.

  11. After the reboot, DMP controls the devices. Any LVM volume groups on SDD devices are migrated onto DMP devices.

  12. Mount the file systems.

  13. Restart the applications.

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