Displaying the DMP configuration for native LVM support


Displaying the DMP configuration for native LVM support

See Migrating LVM volume groups to DMP

When DMP is enabled for native devices, the dmp_native_support attribute displays as ON. When the tunable is ON, all DMP disks are available for native volumes except:

  • Devices that have a VxVM label

    If you initialize a disk for VxVM use, then the native multi-pathing feature is automatically disabled for the disk. When the VxVM label is removed, the native multi-pathing is enabled.

  • Devices that are multi-pathed with Third-party drivers

    If a disk is already multi-pathed with a third-party driver (TPD), DMP does not manage the devices unless TPD support is removed.

To display whether DMP is enabled

  1. Display the attribute dmp_native_support.

    # vxdmpadm gettune dmp_native_support
  2. When the dmp_native_support tunable is ON, use the vxdisk list command to display available volumes. Volumes available to LVM display with the TYPE auto:none. Volumes that are already in use by LVM display with the TYPE auto:LVM.

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