About Veritas Replicator Option

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About Veritas Replicator Option

Veritas Replicator Option is an optional, separately-licensable feature.

Veritas Replicator from Symantec provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for heterogeneous data replication. As an option to Veritas Storage Foundation,Veritas Replicator enables cost-efffective replication of data over IP networks, giving organizations an extremely flexible, storage hardware independent alternative to traditional array-based replication architectures. Veritas Replicator provides the flexibility of block-based continuous replication with Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) and, on Linux, file-based periodic replication with Veritas File Replicator (VFR).

Veritas Volume Replicator replicates data to remote locations over any standard IP network to provide continuous data availability.

This option is available with Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC, Storage Foundation Cluster File System, and Storage Foundation Standard and Enterprise products.

Before installing this option, read the Release Notes for the product.

To install the option, follow the instructions in the Installation Guide for the product.

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