New features for VMware in NetBackup 7.5


New features for VMware in NetBackup 7.5

The following features are new in NetBackup 7.5:

  • Streamlined policy configuration for VMware

    NetBackup includes a VMware policy type that simplifies policy configuration. Backup options for VMware are now combined on a new VMware policy tab.

    See Upgrade guidelines for the new VMware policy type.

    The new VMware policy type uses vStorage to perform the backup (not VCB). Support for VCB-based backups is still available for NetBackup 7.1 or earlier clients by means of the FlashBackup-Windows policy type.

    See Support for VCB in NetBackup 7.5.

    If you upgrade to 7.5 from an earlier NetBackup release and do not use VCB, you should convert your policies to the new VMware type. You can use the nbplupgrade command (see next item).

  • New command (nbplupgrade) to convert a batch of policies from earlier 7.x to 7.5.

    For details, see the nbplupgrade man page in the NetBackup Commands Reference Guide.

  • Backup media server

    NetBackup supports the use of a Windows media server as the backup host or discovery host. This feature can provide host redundancy and faster backups.

    See Media servers as backup or discovery hosts.

  • Extended capabilities for the Virtual Machine Intelligent Policy

    For automatic selection of virtual machines for backup, the policy's Query Builder adds several new datastore and network keywords for filtering virtual machines. These keywords provide better integration with NFS and cloud environments.

    See Query Builder field reference.

  • The Host Properties Resource Limits dialog adds several resource types for datastore.

    See Setting global limits on the use of VMware resources.

  • NetBackup can send backup related events to the vCenter server.

    See Viewing NetBackup activity in vSphere Client.

  • Support for vSphere version 5, including datastore clusters and Storage DRS affinity rules.

    See Query Builder field reference.

    See Virtual Machine Options dialog box.

  • Application Aware VMware Backup

    During virtual machine backup, NetBackup can map the database files that reside in the virtual machine. This feature enables recovery of individual database files from the backup. This feature supports Microsoft Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint Server.

    See About the virtual machine backups that include database data.

    See Application protection options (VMware).

    For details on restoring database files from a virtual machine backup, refer to the NetBackup database agent guide for your application.

  • Extended support for restore of individual files from Linux virtual machine backups

    Supports ext4 file systems for individual file recovery.

See Configuring a VMware policy from the Policies utility

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