Examining the restore log


Examining the restore log

Follow this procedure to examine the restore log and determine the reasons for failure.

To examine the restore log

  1. To access the temporary Windows installation menus and taskbar, click the computer icon in the top left area of the BMR Restore Wizard screen.

  2. Open a command window.

  3. Run the following vxlogview command (in the C:\BMR\NBU\BIN folder):

    vxlogview -I 131

    Normally, you need only correct the problem that is described in the logs. Then retry the failed task to complete a successful restore. If a problem persists, contact Symantec Support. After all tasks complete, the system reboots.

    The following actions may also be required:

    • For standard restores, log into the client as the administrator. Then use the bmrcleanup task to remove the repair partition and perform other cleanup tasks such as updating the client state.

    • For dissimilar system restores, you may have to log into the client as Administrator to finish configuring the network information.

      See Logging on for the first time after system restore.

See About using the BMR Restore Utility.

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