Restoring an AIX client with media boot


Restoring an AIX client with media boot


If NetBackup access management is used in your environment, you must provide the appropriate credentials when prompted so that NetBackup can restore the client files.

An AIX boot (either network boot or media boot) may set the network interface configuration, speed, and duplex mode to auto-negotiate or 10 half duplex. This setting may cause the BMR restore to run much more slowly than expected. To achieve normal restore performance, manually set the network interface configuration through the firmware before a BMR restore.

To restore an AIX client with media boot

  1. Prepare to restore the client using the SRT you created on the bootable media.

    See Preparing a client for restore

  2. Boot the client from the boot media you created. For instructions on how to boot from a CD or from a DVD, see the IBM hardware documentation.

  3. Enter the required information at the following BMR process prompts:

    • Client name (for a discovery boot, enter the client's name as it appears in the Tasks view from the prepare-to-discover operation)

    • Client IP address

    • Network mask

    • Default gateway

    • NetBackup master server name

    • NetBackup master server IP address

    • NetBackup master server gateway IP address

    The restore begins.

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