Restoring a Windows client with network boot


Restoring a Windows client with network boot


If NetBackup access management is used in your environment, you must provide the appropriate credentials when prompted so that NetBackup can restore the client files.

Windows systems network boot uses the PXE protocol. The BMR boot server provides and manages the PXE network services, but a DHCP service is required in the environment.

To restore a Windows client with network boot

  1. Prepare to restore the client.

    See Preparing a client for restore

  2. Ensure that the client is turned off .

  3. Turn on the client.

  4. PXE Boot the client according to the hardware vendor instructions. On some systems, the BIOS displays a message that indicates that you can press a key to force a PXE Boot . On others, you may have to modify the settings in the BIOS to add the network card to the default boot order. Consult your hardware documentation for details.

  5. When you are prompted, press the Function 12 key and the system boots and the restore begins with no further user intervention required.

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