Introducing Intelligent Monitoring Framework in Veritas Cluster Server

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Introducing Intelligent Monitoring Framework in Veritas Cluster Server

Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) is an extension to the Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) agent framework. IMF allows the VCS agents to register the resources to be monitored with the IMF notification module so as to receive immediate notification of resource state changes without having to periodically poll the resources.

VCS monitors resources though agents, which are multi-threaded processes that provide the logic to manage resources. VCS has one agent per resource type. For example, a single IP agent manages all IP resources. When an agent starts, it obtains the necessary configuration information from the VCS engine. In a traditional poll-based monitoring setup, the agent periodically monitors the resources and updates the VCS engine with the resource status. In an intelligent monitoring setup, IMF-aware agents use Asynchronous Monitoring Framework (AMF) kernel driver that provides asynchronous event notifications to the agents that are enabled for intelligent resource monitoring.

IMF is disabled by default.

Consider enabling IMF for an agent in the following cases:

  • When immediate notification of resource state change is desired.

  • A large number of resources are under VCS control.

  • IMF-aware agents are present in the environment.

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