About the SFW HA licensing notes

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About the SFW HA licensing notes

Product: SFW HA

Platform: Windows

Version: 6.0

Review the following licensing notes before you install or upgrade the product.

  • If you are installing the product for the first time, the "Keyless" option is available by default.

  • If you are upgrading the product, the "User Entered Key" option is available by default. The wizard retrieves all the license keys installed earlier. If you choose to use the 5.x license keys, only the product options available for the entered keys are selected and allowed for installation.

    For example, you cannot install Fast Failover and Hyper-V DR options using the 5.x license keys. To install these options you must specify a 6.0 base license key.

  • During the product upgrade, you can choose to change the license option to keyless. After changing the license option to keyless, you can install all the available product options.

  • You cannot install the 6.0 base license key over the 5.x base license key. However, you can install the 6.0 feature key over the 5.x base key.

  • You can perform the following cross product upgrades. During upgrade, the wizard provides the Keyless option by default.

    • SFW 6.0 to SFW HA 6.0

    • DMP 6.0 to SFW or SFW HA 6.0

    • VCS 6.0 to SFW HA 6.0

  • While repairing the product installation, licenses can be managed only if "Keyless" license option was selected during the installation. You cannot manage the licenses, if the license option selected was "User Entered Key".

    To manage the licenses in case of "User Entered Key" option, you must use the Windows Add/Remove Programs.

    While managing the licenses, you can change the license option from Keyless to User Entered or vice a versa.

  • If you are installing SFW Basic, a basic license key is installed by default. Keyless option is not available in case of SFW Basic installation. Using the Windows Add/Remove Programs you can change the option to Keyless or User Entered Key. If you choose the Keyless option, the product installation changes to SFW. After selecting the Keyless option, you cannot revert back to SFW Basic.

  • You must configure Veritas Operations Manager (VOM) within two months of product installation. Failing this, a warning message for non complaince is displayed periodically.

  • You can install new licenses or remove the existing licenses using the product installer.

    If you make any changes to the licenses, you must restart the vxsvc service for the changes to take effect.

    Similarly, in case of SFW HA, if you make any changes to the licenses, you must restart the VCS High Availability Engine (HAD) service for the changes to take effect. To start HAD you must enter the required licenses and then run the hastart command or manually start the service.

    If you remove all the licenses, the vxsvc service fails to start and the service recovery options are changed to "Take No Action". To start the service you must enter the licenses and then manually start the service or change the service recovery option to "Restart the Service".

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