SFW or SFW HA upgrade notes

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SFW or SFW HA upgrade notes

Product: SFW HA

Platform: Windows

Version: 6.0

Note the following points before you begin with the upgrade:

  • During the upgrade, verify the selected installation and product options. All the installed options are selected by default.

    If you do not want to include any of the installed options in the upgraded environment, you must uninstall the same before you proceed with the upgrade. Use the Add Remove feature to uninstall the option.

    If you want to add any additional options, you must select the same.

  • While upgrading, the product installer replaces the Disk Management Snap-in in the Windows Computer Management console and the Server Manager console with the Veritas Enterprise Administrator (VEA) GUI for Windows Server 2008. To change this default, access the VEA GUI after the upgrade completes and proceed to restore the Disk Management Snap-in.

    For information about using the VEA GUI, see Veritas Storage Foundation™ Administrator's Guide.

  • If you are upgrading in a VVR environment, you must first perform the upgrade at the secondary site. After you have completed the upgrade and the post upgrade tasks at the secondary site, you must fail over the applications from the primary site to the secondary site and then proceed to upgrade the nodes at the primary site. Once the nodes at the primary site are upgraded, you must migrate the applications back.

    Since VVR 5.0.x and VVR 5.1 versions are interoperable, an upgrade can be performed on the DR (secondary) site while applications are kept running on the primary site.

  • If your configuration has DMP configured, then it is recommended to reduce the number of paths to each array to one, before you begin the upgrade.

    If you do not have DMP DSMs in your existing environment, but plan to add this feature during the upgrade, add the HBA(host bus adapter) hardware before performing the upgrade. Connect no more than one path from the new HBA to the storage array before the upgrade and DMP DSMs installation. Select the DMP DSM option or the appropriate DMP DSMs while running the installer.

  • SFW and SFW HA 6.0 does not provide Dynamic Multi-Pathing support for PROMISE arrays. If currently installed, Dynamic Multi-Pathing support for PROMISE will be removed after the upgrade is complete.

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