Veritas Product Support of Dell EqualLogic


1. Summary

The Dell EqualLogic PS series storage platforms are supported by many Veritas products.  An overview of the supported products can be seen at, which also contains webcasts, demos, and case studies , as well as a pointer to a detailed overview of the products which can be seen with a valid login. Note that the PS series includes releases that support 10 Gb Ethernet speeds (the PS6010/6510 series) as well as the standard 1 Gb speed.  In addition, all PS series platforms use the same firmware, so product certifications for one platform will apply to all similar platforms.

In addition, the primary external site for Veritas document lists (as well as patches, array support libraries, and other features) is now  The Hardware Compatibility Lists for various Veritas products, including Storage Foundation for Windows and Unix platforms, are available at this site.


2. Product Release/Certification Summary

Several releases of the Storage Foundation product set - SF 6.0, SF 5.1SP1, and SF 5.0MP4RP1 -  now support the EqualLogic PS Series storage platforms, both in single node and in clustered environments, such as SFHA as well as SFCFS/SFRAC.  This includes servers running Red Hat/OEL Linux, SuSE Linux, and Solaris.  In addition, the recently released SF5.1SP1PR4 package supports  IBM’s LoP (Linux on Power).

The latest versions of Storage Foundation for Windows, SFW 6.0 and SFW 5.1SP2,  which include support for dynamic multi-pathing (DMP) capabilities, also support the PS5000 and PS6000 series platforms, as did the earlier SF5.1 release,  SFW5.1SP1.  The PS5000 series is also supported on the base SFW5.1 package, as well as on SFW5.0.

Backup Exchange 2010 testing for the 10Gbe PS6000 series platforms (along with 2 R710 servers with 10Gb Ethernet nics, and a 10Gb Ethernet switch) has concluded successfully, and BE 2010 therefore formally supports all the 10Gbe platforms, as well as the other PS series.

Both FileStore 5.7 (released in late 2011) and Filestore 5.6 (released early in 2011) support the EqualLogic PS Series platforms in the full 16 node NAS environment.  The EqualLogic hardware was the only iSCSI platform tested for these releases.

NetBackup 7.1 has been released, and it now supports VSS snapshots of Windows 2008 Hyper-V Servers.


3. Current Product Status

Storage Foundation for Windows: SFW 6.0 has just been released, as documented in The Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for this release is at

The SFW 5.1 Service Pack 2 (SP2) has been released, as documented in the SP2 release notes, at, and in the SP2 HCL, at  The updated HCL for SFW 5.1 SP1, with Application Pack 1 (AP1), is at

Several other application packs are also available for SFW 5.1, including a 32 bit application pack (, a 64-bit application pack (, and an application pack specifically for SF HA on Windows, and supporting VSS-based backup on Exchange Server 2010, as well as HA and DR configurations (

The SFW 5.0 RP1a and 5.0RP2 patches are now released and published with the EqualLogic PS5000 listed in the HCL, which can be found at  The release notes for RP1a and RP2 can be found at and the device driver binaries are at

Full support for Hyper-V parent partitioning in SFW 5.1 is now available (child/guest partitions were already supported in both SFW 5.0 and 5.1, as noted in

Storage Foundation for Linux/Unix: The new SF 6.0 release, which supports EqualLogic platforms in clustered environments for both RHEL and SLES, was released in December of 2011.  The HCL, which covers all Unix platforms,  can be found at There are also product guides for all releases found at the SORT document site; the SF6.0 guides for Linux platforms are at, and the SF6.0 guides for Solaris are at

The latest release of Storage Foundation 5.1, SF 5.1 Service Pack 1, also supports EqualLogic platforms in clustered environments for both RHEL and SLES. The HCL is at

The SF 5.0MP4RP1 release for Linux is complete, and now includes support for all PS Series platforms  in clustered environments with fencing enabled, on Red Hat,  SuSE Linux, and Solaris, when using the EqualLogic firmware version 4.3.6 or later. The HCL for SF 5.0 can be found at The release does limit support of SFCFS and SFRAC to the PS5000, but that will be updated soon to include all PS series platforms.

In addition, the SF 5.0MP3 RP2 release for Solaris, the first Solaris release supporting the PS 5000, can be retrieved from Note that Sun has added support for DMP with the PS Series architecture in Solaris release sol10u8.

FileStore: The Veritas FileStore product supports NFS, CIFS, and FTP access to multiple 256TB file systems on a (up to) 16 node cluster, offering an interesting entry in the cloud computing environment.  A short description of the product is available at

Filestore 5.6 was released in early 2011.  It now supports all PS series platforms in the maximum 16-node environment, due to the support for clusters in the SuSE Linux environment in a SF 5.0 hotfix, now included in the SF 5.0MP4RP1 release. The Filestore 5.6 release notes can be found at Note that it uses the SF 5.0 Hardware Compatibility List as its own HCL.

Filestore 5.7 was released in late 2011, and also supports all PS series platforms.  It uses the SF 5.1 HCL at as its own HCL.

VirtualStore: This is a NAS solution for VMware virtual machine management, which will run on either Red Hat or Solaris platforms, and uses the SF HCLs as certification documents.  The external product site is, and it is now listed on the EqualLogic compatibility matrix as a supported product.  It is also listed in the web page, as part of the virtualization/storage management site, at

NetBackup-Snapshot/ Advanced Client: Netbackup 7.1 has been released, and the release notes can be found at  The master compatibility list is at, and the HCL gives a generic statement of supportability for all remote disk devices if they are seen as local through the Netbackup Media Server.  All iSCSI devices are seen this way. Note that Netbackup 7.1 now supports VSS snapshots of Windows 2008 Hyper-V servers, as documented in

The  NBU 7 release notes at, and the NBU 7.0.1 documentation links at

The NBU 6.5 release announcements are at  for 6.5.4,, for 6.5.5, and for 6.5.6. The 6.5.4 release was the first release to support Sharepoint 2007 and Microsoft x64 features for EqualLogic platforms, as well as VMWare’s VCB on the PS Series hardware.  In addition, it supports the following, as noted in Snapshot Client Compatibility Matrix (

* VSS support for NTFS in all platforms
* Exchange 2007 in Windows 2008 x64 (which requires the Host Integration Toolkit version 3.1.1, at a minimum)
* SQL Server Agents, in Windows 2003 x86, 2003 x64, and 2008 x64 (which requires HIT 3.3).

PureDisk: The 6.6.1 release, which now contains support for Storage Foundation 5.1, allowing VxFS to be used on SCSI storage platforms, is now available, as noted at A complete list of documents can be found at  Note that PD 6.6 must be installed first, so that migrating to VxFS in PD 6.6.1 will require careful planning, since currently existing file groups will continue to be managed by LVM, not VxVM.  These management issues are discussed in

The PureDisk 6.6 release, which supports Storage Foundation 4.1, is documented at  The release, which contain critical fixes for release 6.6, is now available at All the release documentation for PureDisk, as well as NetBackup, which includes a best practices guide for setting up network environments, can be retrieved externally from

BackupExec: BE 2010 has been released, and the BE 2010 HCL has been published at  It includes the Dell PowerVault MD1000 and MD3000 as Backup-to-disk (B2D) targets, and lists the PowerVault MD3000 as a VSS provider (under the name SmVssProvider), the RD1000 as a removable B2D target, and the PowerVault DL2000/DL2100 as a VDS provider for Storage Provisioning options.  Note that the Dell PowerVault DL2000 is detailed on the web site, at In addition, BE 2010 has an optional, add-on agent which will support Sharepoint installations.  See for details.

Both Release 12 and 12.5 for Windows platforms include the PS Series in their HCLs as VSS Providers for Offhost Backup; the links to the external HCLs are at for Release 12, and at for Release 12.5. In addition, a description of the backup methodology for the PS Series with BE 12.5 has been posted at All releases of BackupExec support VMWare’s VCB on the PS Series hardware. 

The latest service pack for BE 12.5 (SP3 rev. 2213) has also been released, as noted in

Enterprise Vault: The EV product generically supports non-WORM storage that supports NFS/CIFS access.  This includes EqualLogic, due to its support by the Filestore product. There are ongoing tests in the Dell Solutions Lab, with EV and EqualLogic, and there is a related white paper which has been posted at the Enterprise Vault section of the Dell/Veritas web page (, which can be found at

In addition, all of the Enterprise Vault  manuals can be found at, and an EV 9 demo which mentions EqualLogic can be seen at

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