Reserve LDoms on clusters panel options for LDom space allocation


Reserve LDoms on clusters panel options for LDom space allocation

This topic applies to Veritas Operations Manager LDom Capacity Management Add-on 4.1.

Use this panel to reserve LDoms on one or more clusters of a selected Organization Entity.

Table: Reserve LDoms on clusters panel options




Enter the name of the LDom that you want to reserve.

Select Size

Select the LDom size. It is the combination of VCPU count and the allocated memory.

Select the required value from the drop-down list. Select Custom option to enter other values of VCPU count and memory.


After you have selected VCPU count and memory, click Reserve to reserve the LDom. You can choose one of the options:

  • Pack: In this option, the most loaded cluster is used first. Once that cluster is exhausted completely, Veritas Operations Manager starts using the next available cluster for LDom reservation.

  • Balance: In this option, Veritas Operations Manager keeps all clusters equally loaded. In this option, clusters resources are consumed evenly.

The reserved LDoms are displayed under Reserved LDom column.


Displays all the clusters that belong to the selected Organization Entity.

Available Capacity

Displays the available capacity of clusters.

Reserved LDoms

Displays the LDoms that are already reserved. You can perform two more operations on the reserved LDoms.

  • Delete the LDom reservation: Click the desired LDom, and select Delete this reservation option.

  • Move the LDom to another cluster: Click the LDom and select Move to cluster. Select the new cluster from the drop-down list.


Provide additional information about the LDom space reservation.

See Reserving LDoms on the clusters of an Organization Entity using Veritas Operations Manager LDom Capacity Management Add-on 4.1

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