Features of Veritas Operations Manager LDom Capacity Management Add-on 4.1


Features of Veritas Operations Manager LDom Capacity Management Add-on 4.1

LDom Capacity Management Add-on 4.1 provides you with the following features to manage LDoms reservation:

  • Mark the organization entity for LDom reservation.

  • Reserve space for the LDoms on one, or more cluster of the selected organization entity.

  • Define the compliance criteria when you mark an organization entity for the LDom reservation. Three parameters are used for the organization entity:

    • Number of VCPUs or cores per server

    • Memory per server

    • Number of spare servers: It is the allowed number of nodes in a cluster that can go offline without affecting the availability of LDoms on the cluster. When any server fails, all the LDoms running on that server can failover to one or more remaining nodes (including the spare server).

    For an organization entity, all cluster nodes must meet the compliance criteria. For example, all nodes in the Organization Entity must have same VCPU count.

  • Ability to select the best-fit cluster for the LDom reservation based on virtual machine's resource requirement, and the available capacity of the cluster. When you allocate space for the LDom, LDom Capacity Management Add-on provides you with the options to either completely exhaust the most consumed node, or distribute the load equally across multiple nodes in the clusters.

    The spare server option is important for mission-critical applications. It lets you set number of servers in an organization entity that can be used for LDom failover. This feature ensures that if a cluster node fails, all the LDoms configured on that node can failover to one or more of the remaining nodes.

  • Ability to reserve space for new virtual machine on a cluster so that it is considered for any subsequent best fit calculations.

  • Ability to automatically associate the virtual machine with the original reserved space on the cluster.

  • View compliance violations across the domain.

  • View virtual machine deployment report per organization entity.

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