Using vxrlink to diagnose network issues

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Using vxrlink to diagnose network issues

The Veritas Volume Replicator (VVR) vxrlink command performs Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) operations on RLINKs. The vxrlink -e stats command provides information about the following network stats:


Number of errors because of insufficient buffer space on the Secondary. Memory errors indicate that there is not enough system kernel memory to process the message.


Indicates that there are no message slots available.


Indicates that there is no memory available in the nmcom pool.


Number of timeouts errors. A timeout error occurs when an acknowledgement for a message is not received from the remote host within the timeout period.


Displays the number of times that the last packet of a message was received before one or more packets of the same message had been received.


Missing message errors. Displays the number of times that messages have arrived out of sequence.


Number of stream errors. Stream errors occur when the RLINK attempts to send messages faster than the network can handle. Generally, this indicates that there is a buffer or connection problem.


Indicates that packets are getting corrupted in the network.


The number of times that packets could not be delivered to the secondary because of transaction errors. If the secondary is busy with some kernel operations when a packet arrives at the secondary, the packet cannot be delivered until the transaction is complete.

For additional information about the errors displayed, see the vxrlink(1M) manual page.

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