About DMP event logging

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About DMP event logging

See DMP event log messages

The event source daemon (vxesd) is a Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) component process that receives notifications of any device-related events that are used to take appropriate actions.

DMP notifies vxesd of major events, and vxesd logs the event in a log file (/etc/vx/dmpevents.log). These events include:

  • Enabling paths or DMP nodes

  • Disabling paths or DMP nodes

  • Throttling of paths

  • I/O error analysis

  • Host Bus Adapter (HBA) and Storage Area Network (SAN) events

The log file is located in /var/adm/vx/dmpevents.log but is symbolically linked to /etc/vx/dmpevents.log. When the file reaches 10,000 lines, the log is rotated. That is, dmpevents.log is renamed dmpevents.log.X and a new dmpevents.log file is created.

Event log messages are categorized by log level, as follows:

Level 1

Critical DMP log messages.

Level 2

Messages that relate to I/O throttling, suspected path failures, repeated path failures, and DMP node migration.

Level 3

Messages that relate to I/O errors, I/O error analysis, and path media errors.

Level 4

Messages that relate to setting or changing attributes.

Greater than level 4

Messages available for troubleshooting by Symantec support.

By default, only level 1 event log messages are displayed. You can change the level of detail in the event log file using the tunable dmp_log_level.

See the vxdmpadm(1M) manual page.

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