Using DAR without Symantec Enterprise Vault


Using DAR without Symantec Enterprise Vault

The FileStore DAR feature is optimized for use with Symantec Enterprise Vault, but you can use DAR to enable WORM capability in non-EV enviornments.

To enable WORM capability on a CIFS volume:

  • Use the Storage> dar enable command to enable DAR on a CIFS file system.

    See Configuring data archive and retention.

  • Use CIFS operations to perform the following:

    • Create a file.

    • Add data to the file.

    • As required for WORM compliance, set the file access time (atime) to some date in the future.

    • Set the file permissions to read-only (RO).

    The file will be WORM-compliant until the retention time expires.


This procedure applies to CIFS volumes only. NFS volumes are not supported at this time.

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