Sharing file systems using CIFS and NFS protocols

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Sharing file systems using CIFS and NFS protocols

FileStore provides support for multi-protocol file sharing, where the same file system can be exported to both Windows and UNIX users using the CIFS and NFS (Network File System) protocols. The result is an efficient use of storage by sharing a single data set across multi-application platforms.

Figure: Exporting files systems shows how file system sharing for the two protocols works.

Figure: Exporting files systems

Exporting files systems

It is recommended that you disable the oplocks option when the following occurs:

  • A file system is exported over both the CIFS and NFS protocols.

  • Either the CIFS and NFS protocol is set with read and write permission.

See Setting share properties.


When a share is exported over both NFS and CIFS protocols, the applications running on the NFS and CIFS clients may attempt to concurrently read or write the same file. This may lead to unexpected results since the locking models used by these protocols are different. For example, an application reads stale data. For this reason, FileStore warns you when the share export is requested over NFS or CIFS and the same share has already been exported over CIFS or NFS, when at least one of these exports allows write access.

To export a file system to Windows and UNIX users

  1. Go to the NFS mode and enter the following commands:

    NFS> share add ro /vx/fs1
    Exporting *:/vx/fs1 with options ro
    NFS> share show
    /vx/fs1 *(ro)
  2. To export a file system to Windows and UNIX users with read-only permission, go to CIFS mode, and enter the following commands:

    CIFS> show
                        Name  Value
                        ----  -----
                netbios name  mycluster
             netbios aliases
                   ntlm auth  yes
       allow trusted domains  no
                    aio size  1024
               idmap backend  rid:10000-1000000
                   workgroup	 SYMANTECDOMAIN
                    security  ads
                      Domain  SYMANTECDOMAIN.COM
                 Domain user  administrator
           Domain Controller  SYMSERVER
           Clustering Mode    normal
    CIFS> share add fs1 share1 rw
    SFS cifs WARNING V-288-0 Filesystem (fs1) is already shared over NFS 
    with 'ro' permission.
    Do you want to proceed (y/n): y
    Exporting CIFS filesystem : share1 ..
    CIFS> share show
          ShareName    FileSystem  ShareOptions
          share1       fs1         owner=root,group=root,rw
    Note: In the FileStore 5.7 P1 release, CIFS> netbios aliases were deprecated in both the 
    FileStore CLI as well as the FileStore GUI.

When the file system in CIFS is set to homedirfs, the FileStore software assumes that the file system is exported to CIFS users in read and write mode. FileStore does not allow you to export the same file system as an CIFS share and a home directory file system (homedirfs). For example, if the file system fs1 is already exported as a CIFS share, then you cannot set it as homedirfs.

To export a file system set as homedirfs

  • To request that a file system be used for home directories, you need to export the file system. Go to the CIFS mode and enter the following:

    CIFS> share show
          ShareName    FileSystem  ShareOptions
          share1       fs1         owner=root,group=root,rw
    CIFS> set homedirfs fs1
    SFS cifs ERROR V-288-615 Filesystem (fs1) is already exported 
    by another CIFS share.

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