Listing details of volume sets


Listing details of volume sets

To list the details of the component volumes of a volume set, use the following command:

# vxvset [-g diskgroup] list [volset]

If the name of a volume set is not specified, the command lists the details of all volume sets in a disk group, as shown in the following example:

# vxvset -g mydg list

NAME         GROUP      NVOLS      CONTEXT
set1         mydg           3      -
set2         mydg           2      -

To list the details of each volume in a volume set, specify the name of the volume set as an argument to the command:

# vxvset -g mydg list set1

VOLUME           INDEX           LENGTH         KSTATE        CONTEXT
vol1                 0         12582912        ENABLED        -
vol2                 1         12582912        ENABLED        -
vol3                 2         12582912        ENABLED        -

The context field contains details of any string that the application has set up for the volume or volume set to tag its purpose.

See About volume sets

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