Identifying thin and thin reclamation LUNs

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Identifying thin and thin reclamation LUNs

You can only perform Thin Reclamation on LUNS which have the thinrclm attribute. VxVM automatically discovers LUNs that support Thin Reclamation from capable storage arrays. To identify devices that are known to have the thinonly or thinrclm attributes on a host, use the vxdisk -o thin list command.

To identify LUNs

  • To identify LUNs that are thin or thinrclm type the following command:

    # vxdisk -o thin list
    DEVICE          SIZE(mb)     PHYS_ALLOC(mb)  GROUP    TYPE
    hitachi_usp0_065a 10000        84         -        thinrclm
    hitachi_usp0_065b 10000        110        -        thinrclm
    hitachi_usp0_065c 10000        74         -        thinrclm
    hitachi_usp0_065d 10000        50         -        thinrclm
    hitachi_usp0_0660 10000        672        thindg   thinrclm

    In the above output, the SIZE column shows the size of the disk. The PHYS_ALLOC column shows the physical allocation on the array side. The TYPE indicates that the array supports thin reclamation.

See Reclamation of storage on thin reclamation arrays

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