Using SmartTier with solid state disks


Using SmartTier with solid state disks

The SmartTier feature has been enhanced with the following placement policy features to support SSD-based tiers:

  • Allowance of fine grained temperatures, such as allowing hours as units for the <IOTEMP> and <ACCESSTEMP> criteria

    See Fine grain temperatures.

  • Support of the Prefer attribute for the <IOTEMP> and <ACCESSTEMP> criteria

    See Prefer mechanism.

  • Provision of a mechanism to relocate based on average I/O activity

    See Average I/O activity.

  • Reduction of the intensity and duration of scans to minimize the impact on resources, such as memory, CPU, and I/O bandwidth

    See Frequent scans.

  • Quick identification of cold files

    See Quick identification of cold files.

To gain these benefits, you must modify the existing placement policy as per the latest version of the DTD and assign the policy again. However, existing placement policies continue to function as before. You do not need to update the placement policies if you do not use the new features.

See Example placement policy when using solid state disks

See About SmartTier

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