How to temporary disable the Data Ontap NetApp VSS hardware provider to force usage of the Microsoft VSS system provider.


When several VSS(Volume Shadow Copy) providers are installed on a system the VSS requester doesn't always have the capability of selecting which provider to use. In situations where this is the case the priority of the VSS provider selection by the Volume Shadows Copy Service is done a follows

 1. Hardware provider
 2. Software provider
 3. System provider

In scenarios where there is a problem creating VSS snapshots using the Hardware provider for troubleshooting it might be beneficial to see if the System provider works isolating the problem to the Hardware provider and the configuration needed for the Hardware provider to take successful snapshots.

For the Data Ontap NetApp VSS provider the following steps can be take to temporarily disable the provider(Note: No reboot is required to disable or enable, after the provider is re enabled again it is functional again without any other changes.)

How to disable the Data Ontap NetApp VSS provider:

From a Command line window run the following command:

navssprv.exe -r service /u

After this is done no VSS requests are going to use the Data Ontap NetApp VSS provider, so test can be performed using other installed providers.

How to enable the Data Ontap NetApp VSS provider after testing has completed:

From a Command line windows run the following command:

navssprv.exe -r service -a user -p password

After this has been done verify that the Data Ontap VSS provider is visible as a service. At this point the provider is functional again.




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