Enterprise Vault 64-bit Indexing Key Topics


This article provides links to essential information on indexing in Enterprise Vault (EV) 10.0, including: 

Indexing Best Practices and Configuration


Article TitleArticle ID
Enterprise Vault 10.0 - Indexing Design and Implementation Best PracticesDOC4250
Demo: Introduction to Enterprise Vault 10.x IndexingHOWTO65749
Demo: How to Configure Enterprise Vault 10.x IndexingHOWTO65751
About indexing configuration with the Enterprise Vault Getting Started wizardHOWTO57713
Do I need to create Index Server groups?HOWTO57701
Creating an Index Server groupHOWTO57704
Creating an Enterprise Vault index locationHOWTO57454


Administering and Monitoring Indexing


Article TitleArticle ID
Demo: How to Manage Enterprise Vault 10.x IndexingHOWTO65752
Troubleshooting and monitoring index tasksTECH160420
Rebuilding an indexTECH159814
Changing an index locationTECH159818
How to move the Index location to a different location on the same serverHOWTO59084
How to move the Index Location to a Different Location on a Different ServerHOWTO82325
What are the performance counters to look at?HOWTO56266
How to use Performance Monitor to monitor the Indexing processesHOWTO56264
How to see the number of index volumes waiting to be processedHOWTO59166
What does the waiting status of a task in the Indexing Monitoring tool mean?HOWTO56283

Index Troubleshooting

Article TitleArticle ID
Identifying missing items without the aid of searchTECH204599
What to check when the search fails at the client side.HOWTO56275
What can cause the index to failHOWTO56273
Index Verification: What does Items Missing Content mean?HOWTO56247
Why are items stuck in a 'Pending' state (or failing with ErrorNumber 106)TECH168852
Differences between basic and complete for the Indexing verification levelHOWTO56263
Why the search does not fetch results as expected.HOWTO56276
What do the various missing content id’s reported in Verify reports mean?HOWTO56265
Why does the search fetch fewer items than expected with a warning message.HOWTO56278
How to determine if the search results are from 64bit or 32bit index volumes?HOWTO56279
How to enable Search Query Logging on 64bit index volumesHOWTO55900
Collecting Indexing Configuration Diagnostics using the Deployment ScannerHOWTO59198
Why would an indexing task not run?HOWTO56282


Advanced Index Troubleshooting

Article TitleArticle ID
How to enable Search Result Logging on 64bit index volumesHOWTO56020
How to setup Dtrace logging for Search?HOWTO56274
What do you trace when running various tasks in Manage Indexing Tools?HOWTO56284
What to trace in Indexing Service Processes?HOWTO56255
How to follow the basic processes for index ingestion using the Dtrace logs?HOWTO59168
How to reset the 64-bit Indexing Engine following corruption of core data files.HOWTO59060
How to determine why additions to the index are not shown in EV SearchHOWTO56257
How to determine why deleted items are still being shown in EV SearchHOWTO56258
How to determine why updated items are not being reflected in EV SearchHOWTO56260
How to determine the missing content reason for items using the SQL databaseHOWTO56262
How to check the status of items that have been sent but not been indexedHOWTO59169
Why have items not been indexed and have not been sent to the indexing engine?TECH168883
How to see the number of items waiting to be indexed for each index volumeHOWTO59167


Related Indexing Topics on 64bit Indexing, Key Event Messages, SQL Database, etc.

Article TitleArticle ID
64bit Indexing Engine Processes ExplainedHOWTO56293
How does the new 64bit index volume folder structure look like?HOWTO56281
What is repository file and index metadata?HOWTO56259
What are the different types of internal 64bit indexing synchronization?HOWTO59165
Key Event Messages when setting or clearing backup mode for index locationsHOWTO56270
Key Event Messages for the Index Admin Service discovering pending workHOWTO56271
Key Event Messages that can be seen when starting the Indexing ServiceHOWTO56268
Key Event Messages that can be seen when stopping the Indexing ServiceHOWTO56269
What do the event logs mean during indexing service startup and shutdown?HOWTO56267
How to determine which SQL tables to use for Indexing issuesHOWTO56248
How to determine if an index volume has pending additions/deletions/updatesHOWTO56249
How to determine why an index volume has failed using the SQL databaseHOWTO56273
How to determine how many 32bit or 64bit index volumes in a directoryHOWTO56251
How to determine how many index volumes are online/offlineHOWTO56252
How to view indexing tasks in the SQL databaseHOWTO56253
How to determine if an index location is open/closed using the SQL databaseHOWTO56254
How to determine if an index location is in backup mode using the SQL databaseHOWTO56256


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